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Components used by the oil and gas industry must be able to withstand difficult wet, oily, muddy and, often, extremely hot environments. Precision parts such as subsea valve gates and drill bit seals are subject to abrasion, corrosion and fretting which lead to reduced service life. Oerlikon Balzers PVD and DLC hard coatings improve the wear resistance of these parts and, thereby, markedly prolong their service life.

Oil & Gas Components

PVD coatings with thicknesses up to 50 um can even be used for parts used in abrasive applications, such as sucker rod pump and drilling tubes components.

Oerlikon Balzers moreover offers a broad portfolio of coatings for the reduction of tribological wear during the production of parts and components for the oil and gas industry. This comprises both proven coatings and solutions tailored to specific needs and applications.

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