Oerlikon Balzers presented BALIQ UNIQUE, which introduces brilliant colors into the previously gray world of wear protection for tools, in September 2017 at the EMO in Hanover. The BALIQ family of coatings, based on the S3p technology launched in 2011, enables trouble-free chip transport and eliminates the need for mechanical reworking.

Gleaming colors are more than just pleasing to the eye; they also meet the demands of tool manufacturers that need to differentiate, classify and visualize their products. This newest development allows them to assign specific colors to their tool types or groups, select colors appropriate for particular applications and even determine the degree of abrasion based on the color. The result is that manufacturers in the tool market are now able to design their own unique color combinations for their range of tools – all with the revolutionary performance BALIQ delivers.

Moreover, the new INLENIA pica and INLENIA kila systems expand the Oerlikon Balzers range of machines that are able to process BALIQ coatings. While the extremely quick coating times make the INLENIA pica ideal for ramping up smaller batches, the INLENIA kila represents the logical next step for high- volume production runs.

At Hitachi, enthusiasm is running high. Kazuyuki Kubota, Head of Manufacture Department and Head of Coating Technology:

“We are working for more than 20 years with Oerlikon Balzers and are always on the leading edge of coating technology. With the new INLENIA coating system, we are completely free in customizing coatings to our needs and creating our own, individual coating portfolio. The system exceeds our high requirements on precision, surface quality and performance of our applications.”


From left: Kazuyuki Kubota, Head of Manufacture Department and Head of Coating Technology, and Tomoya Sasaki, Assistant Manager, Production Department from Hitachi in front of an INLENIA kila.


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