BALIQ TINOSConsiderably extended service life in plastic processing due to high hardness and outstanding smoothness

BALIQ TINOS - transparent part of a vacuum cleaner
BALIQ TINOS - top of the charging unit for a mobile phone

Considerably extended service life in plastic processing due to high hardness and outstanding smoothness.

From flow speed to demolding - with BALIQ® TINOS best results in plastic processing can be achieved under all conditions of use. Its high coating hardness leads to up to 4 times better scratch resistance compared to steel, while the S3p coating process ensures particularly smooth, uniform surfaces.

As a result, this leads to improved parts quality with lower maintenance costs. Thus BALIQ® TINOS makes an important contribution to the optimization of all types of plastics processing.

  • Advantages


    No residues of processed material on the mould surface


    Superior process reliability under all application conditions

    High hardness


    Up to 4 times better scratch resistance than steel

    Revolutionary smooth coating thanks to S3p technology


    Post-polishing not necessary

  • Specifications


    Coating material TiN S3p
    Coating colour golden yellow
    Coating hardness HIT[GPa]* 30 +/- 3
    Coefficient of friction (dry) vs. steel** 0.6
    Max. service temp. [°C]**** 700
    Typical coating thickness [µm] 2 - 4
    General remark All given data are approximate values, they depend on application, environment and test condition.
    *Coating hardness HIT[GPa] Measured by nano indentation according to ISO 14577. For multilayers the hardness of the different layers varies.
    **Coefficient of friction (dry) vs. steel Determined by ball-on-disc test in dry condition with an Steel ball according to ASTM G99. During run-in the given values may be exceeded.
    ****Max. service temp. [°C] These are approximate values out of the field. Due to thermodynamic laws there is a dependency of pressure in application.
  • Performance
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