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BALIQ TISINOS PRO Maximum performance for hardened and stainless steels and high-temperature alloys


Cutting tools that machine hardened, stainless steels or high-temperature alloys require a coating specifically designed to withstand high thermal stress. Its increased toughness and wear resistance make BALIQ® TISINOS PRO the coating of choice for hard machining up to HRC 70.

The AlTiSiN coating is based on our advanced S3p technology, which produces exceptionally smooth and defect-free surfaces. The result is longer tool service life and greater reliability between the different cutting edges of the same tool.

One of its unmatched qualities is its high precision in coating thickness distribution, protecting all shapes and cutting edges homogeneously, which is especially important for micro cutting tools. These properties give BALIQ® TISINOS PRO exceptional wear and oxidation resistance even at extreme temperatures as experienced during hard machining.

BALIQ® TISINOS PRO enables long tool service life under the toughest conditions. The coating has numerous advantages:

  • Revolutionary coating smoothness, no post-treatment (polishing) required
  • Outstanding wear and oxidation resistance
  • Withstands thermal stress
  • Superior results in hard machining
  • Maximum tool precision, especially micro drills and mills
  • Can be reconditioned – contributes to sustainability by conserving valuable natural resources

BALIQ® TISINOS PRO replaces BALIQ® TISINOS and BALIQ® MICRO TISINOS, offering even better properties for reliable machining.

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