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Advanced Materials

Advanced Materials
Broad portfolio of advanced materials

Oerlikon understands the properties of materials at the smallest scale and is a world-class materials manufacturer of metal- and ceramic-based powders and wires for coatings and other industrial applications. Oerlikon provides hundreds of diverse products, including thermal spray coating materials, auxiliary products and materials specifically for additive manufacturing.

  • An industry leader in abradable materials.
  • A broad range of metals, composites, carbides, cermets and ceramics.
  • Computational designed metal alloys.
  • Extensive in-house materials manufacturing expertise and technologies.
  • R&D facilities for rapid tailoring: Novel materials for new applications and Materials with improved performance
  • Materials optimized for various surface technologies, AM and other industrial processes.
  • Standardized and customized materials.

Surface solutions

Surface solutions
A market and technology leader in surface solutions

Oerlikon offers one of the most comprehensive portfolios of surface technologies. Together with customers, Oerlikon develops customized solutions for multiple industries from the coating of large components to high-precision tools. Customers can choose from a standard portfolio or order customized materials and surface solutions for their specific applications.

  • Comprehensive surface solutions portfolio including PVD, PACVD, thermal spray, thermal diffusion, cladding, weld overlay, nitriding, frictions systems, reconditioning and additive manufacturing.
  • Enabling more than 20 coating functionalities such as thermal, wear and environmental protection, clearance control, scratch resistance, thermal stability, chemical stability, anti-sticking, anti-reflection, decorative enhancement, protection against surface fatigue, conductivity, insulation, permeability control, capacity sensing, radar transparency, etc.

Materials processing

Materials processing
Unique engineering expertise in materials processing

Oerlikon offers comprehensive know-how in the design and engineering of high-performance industrial components and processing systems. In surface solutions, Oerlikon delivers leading coating and surface treatment systems. For AM, Oerlikon offers end-toend services: from design and prototyping to production and post-processing. The additively designed and manufactured products can be individualized components, prototypes or series production parts. In polymer processing, Oerlikon provides an extensive range of products and engineering solutions for the entire manmade fibers' value-added chain.

  • Leading portfolio of thin-film, such as INAURA, INLENIA, INNOVENTA mega, INNOVA, INGENIA, METAPLAS. DOMINO, INUBIA, RS 90 and thermal spray systems and spray guns.
  • Integrated AM solutions along the entire AM value chain: from atomization and applications engineering to additive production, testing and quality assurance. Backed by a strong portfolio of surface technologies, advanced AM-tested materials, deep expertise in the design and engineering of industrial, metal-based components, and a global service network.
  • A world market leader in the development and production of spinning, winding and texturing systems and equipment for manmade fibers such as polyester, nylon and polypropylene.