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Industrial markets

The demand for Oerlikon technologies is fueled by the need for better performance, efficiencies and sustainability.

In the mid term, Oerlikon’s key markets are expected to have a CAGR of 2 % to 4 % over the next five years. To seize growth opportunities, Oerlikon is addressing engineering, technology and service challenges in each market in close cooperation with customers.


Every major aero engine manufacturer trusts Oerlikon technologies to boost performance, improve safety and fuel efficiency and control emissions.

The commercial aerospace market is driven by passenger traffic growth that has exceeded 6 % year-on-year for the past five years. Improved global economic conditions, income growth and strong MRO demand are supporting that trend. Boeing recently forecast that revenue passenger kilometers will grow 4.7 % per year over the next 20 years, requiring 41 000 new airplane deliveries to support market growth and aging aircraft replacement.

Industry challenges
  • Improve engine performance and efficiency to reduce fuel consumption and meet CO2 emission standards
  • Enable hot engine components to operate at higher temperatures to improve efficiency and extend lifespan
  • Meet demanding landing gear requirements for new-generation aircraft, while replacing noxious hard chromium process
  • Reduce weight and production cost of complex engine parts, structural components and replacement parts
  • Oerlikon’s abradable coatings are used in engines to seal the gas path, improving performance, increasing safety and  decreasing fuel consumption. Thereby, reducing CO2 generation and NO2 emissions
  • Thermal barrier coatings used in combustor and turbine sections of engines protect underlying materials from temperatures that these substrates could otherwise not tolerate
  • The noxious hard chromium process for plating landing gears can be replaced by Oerlikon’s high-velocity oxygen fuel  thermal spray coatings, while delivering superior performance and safety
  • Additive manufacturing has been identified as the technology ideally suited to achieve weight reduction and to increase design complexity of aerospace parts for improved functionality
  • Decorative coatings and color coatings for cockpit components are offered by Oerlikon