Our Governance

At Oerlikon, there has never been a conflict between achieving profitability and maintaining workplace and product safety, efficiency, sustainability and responsibility. Our holistic view of each of these factors as interrelated to the others is central to our approach to delivering value to customers and society alike.

The innovations built into Oerlikon’s technologies, products and services are designed to empower our customers to meet the challenges in their markets and enable them to achieve more with less. As early adopters of sustainable innovation practices, we have always held the view that our solutions should minimize the environmental footprints of both our customers’ businesses and our own operations. This philosophy guides our decision-making as it pertains to being an optimal global citizen and to delivering sustained shareholder value.

Oerlikon therefore applauds worldwide government initiatives that usher in a new era of climate protection. Stricter standards of air and water quality have an impact on our business and that of our customers. At the same time, we welcome the opportunity to employ those regulatory restrictions
as parameters for the ongoing redefinition of sustainable innovation, which is at the heart of Oerlikon’s work. We likewise view corporate governance guidelines (such as the Swiss Code of Best Practice for Corporate Governance issued by economiesuisse) as fully aligned with our own principles. The company’s Articles of Association can be considered as Oerlikon’s “constitution”, outlining the rules and regulations that stipulate the company’s affairs; we have amplified these with the Oerlikon Code of Conduct, which clearly defines the ethical and legal framework of all our business activities.


Thomas Schmidt

Head of Group Communications