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Technological quantum leap

World Premiere: eAFK Evo – Texturing at its coolest
World Premiere: eAFK Evo – Texturing at its coolest
World Premiere: eAFK Evo – Texturing at its coolest

Launched to create new standards in texturing: the eAFK Evo generation of machines promises superior speeds, greater productivity and consistently high product quality, along with lower energy consumption and simpler operation vis-à-vis comparable market solutions. Oerlikon Barmag will be showcasing these wide-ranging capabilities at the ITMA 2019 trade fair in Barcelona with a high-end design from the new system platform. In particular, the numerous value-added features include two that are excelling with cool technology: the optimized EvoHeater and the EvoCooler, a completely newly-developed active cooling unit.

The eAFK Evo is only 4.7 meters high – but nevertheless comes with a 4-deck winding system (for up to 384 positions). It benefits derive from a systems concept that unites a compact form with superb performance. The key foundation for this is a very short twist zone with a new cooling component. Just 300 millimeters long, the EvoCooler uses active cooling technology, with which the machine speed can be increased by 10 to 20 percent vis-à-vis comparable systems. “These are cautiously-interpreted values from the intensive field tests conducted on the EvoCooler, which has been in operation at an initial pilot customer since October 2018”, states Dr. Philip Jungbecker, Senior Manager Technology Texturing Machines at Oerlikon Barmag.

In addition to this, there is no sudden deterioration of the yarn quality when achieving these speeds and reaching the yarn-specific ‘surging limit’ within the texturing process. Here, the EvoCooler creates flowing transitions, while also allowing the yarn temperature to be controlled. To this end, the yarn quality can be kept at a consistently high level – for correspondingly high sales margins. Furthermore, the controllable cooling unit opens up a wide production window with titers ranging from around 30 to 300 denier and including microfilaments. The EvoCooler enables extremely even yarn dyeing and consumes no additional energy despite all its benefits.

The optimized EvoHeater is also exceptionally energy-efficient. Including its connected peripherals, this second key component ensures energy savings of up to 25 percent for the entire machine without impacting the high yarn quality. Furthermore, an innovative maintenance concept is used – as already deployed in the case of the Oerlikon Barmag HTI high-temperature heater. Here, so-called inserts can be removed from the heater and cleaned in an ultrasonic bath without any time pressure, while inserted replacement elements ensure that the system continues to operate. Finally, the EvoHeater permits simple and safe string-up.

Superlative efficiency: from EvoTake-up to AIM4DTY
And the new, patented automatic doffing system is also proving to be extremely robust and exceedingly low-maintenance, while nevertheless achieving efficiency of over 99 percent. Furthermore, the improved placement of components such as the suction in the take-up unit simplify operation and maintenance across the entire machine.

The AIM4DTY analysis software is a major component of the system being exhibited at the ITMA trade fair and a further step on the digitalization journey at Oerlikon’s segment Manmade Fibers. This learning artificial intelligence system filters thousands of error graphs generated every day by the UNITENS®1 monitoring sensor whenever the yarn tension exceeds the prescribed tolerances. The automated analysis makes extremely time-consuming manual troubleshooting a thing of the past, while accelerating the identification of error causes and countermeasures – a further step towards manufacturing more packages of superior yarn quality for higher margins. “We will soon be delivering such eAFK Evo systems, which correspond to the trade fair exhibit, to initial pilot customers. In the future, it will also be possible – on the basis of the eAFK Evo – to create customer-specific machine solutions with various component combinations”, comments Philip Jungbecker. "Initially, we are very much looking forward to presenting to the trade fair audience a technological quantum leap for texturing at its coolest."

1UNITENS® is an internationally registered trademark exclusively owned by Saurer Fibrevision Ltd., Macclesfield, UK.

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