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Surface Solutions: Executed well on market recovery to grow sales, and improved EBITDA with strict cost focus

Surface Solutions capitalized on opportunities as the tooling and automotive sectors gradually recover and delivered growth in orders and sales. The strict cost containment measures drove the improvement in operating profitabilit. Boosting organic growth, the division successfully acquired Coeurdor, thereby gaining a stronger foothold in the fast-growing luxury goods industry.

A technology and market leader in attractive key markets, the division has a comprehensive portfolio of surface coat-ing solutions, materials, components and equipment as well as a trusted base of customers, which positions it well to benefitwhen markets further recover. The division’s global network of production and coating service centers, consisting of 171 sites in 37 countries, provides not only fast response times and timely delivery to customers but also the advantage of being able to balance resources to mitigate impacts from supply chain and logistics shortages in certain countries. Highly productive and reliable systems, standardized or customizable materials for surface coatings and additive manufacturing are other key factors that will drive the division’s growth in end markets.

Driving Top-Line Growth    

  • Protect technology leadership.
  • Outgrow GDP driven by strong value proposition.
  • Exceed market growth by leveraging sustainability megatrends, R&D, cross- selling opportunities and expansion into new applications, industries and/or geographies (e.g. electric and future mobility solutions).

Driving Higher Profitability

  • Continue cost containment to improve margins.
  • Sustain good operating leverage.
  • Focus capital allocation in high-return and growth areas.
  • Capitalize on potential upside from M&As.