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Oerlikon’s Investment Proposition

Oerlikon offers an attractive investment proposition as a market leader in advanced materials, surface solutions and materials processing. Serving over 30 000 customers including OEMs and tier 1 clients in attractive end markets, Oerlikon has a diversified industry exposure, a dedicated business model and a proven record of delivering stronger performance than the average market growth rate. The Group’s proven innovation and technology leadership is supported by strong R&D teams at 41 sites and through more than 50 partnerships. In addition, Oerlikon’s clientfacing model and global network of production and service centers facilitate the deepening of well-established relationships with customers.

Mid-Term Growth Strategy

Oerlikon draws on its broad and versatile portfolio of advanced materials, surface technologies, processing equipment and services, as well as its global footprint to further develop its business and sustain mid-term growth. To propel its profitable growth, the Group focuses on three key growth drivers: addressing growth markets and industries, securing structural growth and expanding through targeted M&A.

Mid-Term Growth Strategy

Surface Solutions

Oerlikon’s Surface Solutions Segment offers advanced surface technologies to a wide spectrum of industries through three competence brands – Oerlikon Balzers, Oerlikon Metco and Oerlikon AM.

Combining the strengths of Oerlikon Balzers and Oerlikon Metco, Oerlikon delivers pioneering and innovative thinfilm and thermal spray technologies, advanced surface treatments and outstanding services to customers via its global network of service centers.

Oerlikon thin-film coatings can be 50x thinner than a human hair and include complex engineered solutions such as plasma nitriding, physical vapor depositions (PVD), plasma-assisted chemical vapor depositions (PACVD), chemical vapor depositions (CVD) - all of which are used for tools and precision components - and embedded PVD for Design parts (ePD), an eco-friendly decorative coating solution.

Oerlikon’s innovative proprietary S3p is the only technology available that combines the advantages of arc evaporation and sputtering (HiPIMS) to enable smooth and very high coating density and hardness as well as excellent adhesion to the underlying surfaces. Oerlikon’s thermal spray expertise covers thicker layer coatings and laser cladding solutions, which are needed to withstand harsh heat and environmental conditions like in a jet engine.

Customers Benefit from 20+ Different Surface Properties

Surface solutions enhance the quality, performance and lifespan of customers’ tools and components. This in turn improves productivity, saves cost and is more environmentally friendly than conventional methods.

  • corrosion protection
  • environmental protection
  • strength
  • abrasion protection
  • thermal protection
  • hardness
  • chemical stability
  • conduction control
  • permeability control
  • clearance control
  • anti-reflection
  • anti-sticking
  • color flexibility
  • decorative enhancement
  • thermal stability
  • easy cleaning
  • wear resistance
  • antibacterial
  • bio-compatibility
  • magnetism control
  • insulation control
  • erosion protection

Manmade Fibers

Full-service plant solutions from melt to fibers, yarns and nonwovens

Oerlikon’s Manmade Fibers Segment offers customers perfectly coordinated technologies and processes as full-service plant solutions, covering the entire production process – from the monomer all the way through to the textured yarn. The product range includes continuous polycondensation systems, extrusion lines and their key components. As the Partner for Performance, the segment goes the extra mile to ensure the highest quality of customers’ products, manufactured in a closed production chain, tailored to requirements that have been designed, installed and maintained in house.

Create more value for our customers with Industry 4.0 solutions

The Segment’s R&D goals have been focused on producing energy-efficiency, space saving and sustainable technologies. As a
future-oriented business, the Segment has a Plant Operation Center solution, which is an all-embracing workflow management
system designed to detect and optimize the production processes within a single production stage, such as spinning or texturing,
and for the entire production stages – starting with the raw material up to the end product. The Segment recently launched its next
digital groundbreaking solution – its data center in a box – a powerful, flexible and secure IT infrastructure solution for the textile
industry of the future.

Manmade Fibers