Julie Zogg, a young snowboard talent

Julie Zogg, a young snowboard talent Oerlikon supports and sponsors Julie Zogg – several time junior World Champion in snowboarding and former apprentice at Oerlikon Mechatronics. After intensive weeks of training in Italy and Switzerland she will start into the new season on November 10, 2014 in Cooper Mountain (US). Oerlikon wishes her all the best and lots of luck!


Young talent deserves our support: For Julie Zogg, this means reaping twice the benefits. The winner of multiple titles in the Snowboard Junior World Championships has been sponsored by Oerlikon for many years as a young athlete while she completed an apprenticeship at Oerlikon Mechatronics. For some, this would be twice the burden. But Julie took it all in stride, enthusiastically filling both roles – even if it does make for a tight schedule. Particularly during the summer months, the apprentice has to make up for time lost due to her rigorous training and competition schedule.

Read more: http://www.julie-zogg.ch/