Company overview

Oerlikon is a globally leading company in the field of manmade fibers, drive systems, vacuum generation, precision and nano technology. Based on these core competencies, Oerlikon develops production systems, components, and services for high-technology products. The company's commercial activities center on turn-key solutions for the manufacturing of protective coatings for precision tools and components (Surface Solutions), systems for producing vacuums and conveying process gases (Segment Vacuum), equipment for textile production (Segment Manmade Fibers) and propulsion technology (Segment Drive Systems) as well as production systems for nanotechnology applications (Segment Advanced Technologies).


Oerlikon Company Overview Oerlikon Metco Segment Manmade Fibers Segment Drive Systems Segment Vacuum Surface Solutions Segment Advanced Technologies Segment Oerlikon Barmag Oerlikon Neumag Oerlikon Graziano Oerlikon Fairfield Oerlikon Leybold Vacuum Oerlikon Balzers Oerlikon Systems