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Staple Fiber Plant Solutions

More than 4 million tons installed production capacity worldwide speak for themselves.

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EvoSteam – World premiere at ITMA Milano


EvoSteam process for cotton type fiber production.


EvoSteam process revolutionises polyester staple fiber production.


Spray nozzles replace immersion bath.


Draw point release by vapor curtain.

Polyester staple fiber production with EvoSteam

In view of noticeable climate change and its impact on people and the economy, resource- and environment-friendly manufacturing methods are absolutely crucial for the future. High production costs are currently eating into the margins of fiber producers. The objective of the EvoSteam process is to lower both operating expenses (OPEX) and the carbon footprint with minimal consumption of energy, water and polymer – simultaneously with the excellent fiber qualities demanded by downstream processes.

EvoSteam process dispenses with liquid baths
The function of the immersion bath is assumed by a carefully-coordinated setup comprising godets and pulsed spray nozzles. With this, the moisture is metered precisely and added according to the needs of the process. This completely dispensing with liquid baths generates significant savings in terms of water, energy and finishes, while also increasing occupational safety and cleanliness at the production line.

Improving the fiber qualities through optimized draw point release
In addition to the fiber cross-section and the fiber tenacity, the uniformity of the fibers is also of great importance and is a decisive factor for the fiber quality and therefore the fiber manufacturers’ margins. The EvoSteam process caters to these requirements and optimizes the release of the draw point. The draw point release is achieved by a precisely focused vapor curtain. This avoids friction between the filaments in the tow.

Your benefits

  • up to 12% higher efficiency
  • up to 8% energy savings
  • up to 50% waste reduction
  • up to 8% water savings