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Fibers and Filaments No 30

The challenge of digitalization

You have probably already noticed that ‘Fibers & Filaments’ – which has been providing you with informative contributions from the world of textile technology for more than ten years now – has undergone further refinement recently. In terms of design, we are now using a style more reminiscent of modern magazines with an easier-to-read layout. With regards to contents, we want to more frequently take you on (not only) our journey into the future of textile technology.

To kick things off, we are focusing on the current magic word within the industry: digitalization. And we are planning to make this magic not only a reality. As the leading manufacturer of manmade fiber systems, we are now also endeavoring to become an Industrie 4.0 technology leader – in other words: offer you, our customers, digital solutions with superlative benefits. This also demands the digital transformation of our own company. For this reason, we have been establishing new methods and ways of thinking for many years now. Here, we are working beyond disciplines, divisions, departments and the company itself. In a nutshell: we are doing everything in our power to further develop our ‘digital DNA’.

This focus will also be shaping our attendances at this year’s ITMA ASIA + CITME 2018 and the ITMA Barcelona 2019. For this reason, we are also using the double-helix DNA model in this edition as a distinguishing feature of our new campaign. It is a feature and symbol of vitality and communicates our corporate and trade fair motto for the Digital Age: Bring it to Life! With this, we want to signal that Oerlikon Manmade Fibers is repositioning itself – as a systems manufacturer that is now also using artificial intelligence to create pioneering solutions and value added for its customers along the entire ‘From Melt to Yarn, Fibers and Nonwovens’ process chain.

But more on that in this edition of ‘Fibers & Filaments’ – enjoy reading!

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