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Beyond Surfaces #7 - Aerospace

From brush to pen: Professor Sampath on the (r)evolution of thermal spraying. High up: Airbus launches the future of Big Data in aviation. Let’s flex our muscles: Optimal strength training with 3D printing.

Beyond Surfaces #7 - Aerospace

The aerospace industry is one of the most fascinating industries. Not just because it has been man’s dream to fly for many centuries. It is also due to the harshness of the conditions faced by aircraft components. These present special challenges to engineers and have inspired us to dedicate this issue of our magazine BEYOND SURFACES to aerospace.

Once again we had the opportunity to portray renowned researchers and scientists within Oerlikon, from academia and from other companies. We met Prof. Sanjay Sampath from New York’s Stony Brook University and discussed latest developments in the field of thermal spray technology. Our customer Airbus gave us an interview on how the future of urban air mobility might look like and how they use Big Data. And our R&D expert Mirjam Arndt from Oerlikon Balzers explains why close partnerships are crucial today in making further technological developments possible.

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Dimensions that were previously unthinkable

Materials expert Mirjam Arndt on collaboration, cooperation, and partnership

Collaboration, cooperation, partnership. These words represent a recurring theme in our talk with Dr. Mirjam Arndt, Head of R&D Product Development at Oerlikon Balzers. And as we spoke, she covered a broad spectrum of topics, including her 15-member international team as well as colleagues in sales, customers and partners at academic institutes.

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Eyeglasses = temples + rims (or even less)

How designer Sven Götti redefines rimless glasses

Eyeglasses consist of two temples, a bridge, the rims and a few more small parts. You might think that provides limited options. Far from it: This drives designer Sven Götti to new heights of creativity. And with his “Götti Perspective” collection, he has gone one step further by redefining rimless eyewear. The new concept also employs BALINIT C from Oerlikon Balzers.

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Petra Ammann

Petra Ammann

Head of Communications Oerlikon Balzers

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