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From conception to commercialization

How materials create innovations


By Randy B. Hecht

What’s more exciting than an idea with the potential to change the world?

A means of bringing that potential to reality — and that idea to market.

Additive manufacturing (AM) technology is literally giving shape to some of today’s most exciting innovations. Layer by layer, it converts ideas into applications by changing the way we process materials and manufacture parts.

At the same time, breakthroughs in the development of coating materials are giving those parts new functionality, increased durability and improved performance.

These twin advances in how we create and employ materials have become game-changers in the business of innovation. They’re powering the production of aviation and automotive components that reduce engine weight, improve fuel efficiency, and so decrease carbon emissions. They make it possible to design simplified components that can be manufactured more quickly, efficiently and cost-effectively. In medicine, they’re moving us toward the capacity to fabricate something as complex as a human organ built of human tissue that replicate what previously could be created only by nature.

And we are still only in the early stages of giving life to the combined capabilities of materials science, additive manufacturing and coating innovation. As we unlock their full potential, our ability to invent will be as limitless as our ability to imagine.

Today, it’s already clear that the path from conception to commercialization depends on collaboration: on idea sharing, knowledge exchange, and partnership. These terms describe not only best practice in the business of additive manufacturing, but also the values that Oerlikon embraces.

Our commitment to those values led us to co-sponsor the Swiss Innovation Forum 2018, where presenters included CTO Dr. Helmut Rudigier and Dr. Kartik Rao, Head of Marketing & Business Line Materials Oerlikon AM. In the videos linked below, they and Dr. Dieter Sporer, Oerlikon AM Sales Manager, share their thoughts on how AM and materials science will shape the future of innovation.



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