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“Innovation is in our DNA”

Disruptive technologies and solutions at the 2018 Oerlikon Innovation Day


100 investors, customers and representatives of the media and universities met in Lucerne for Oerlikon’s first Innovation Day.

New technologies are constantly changing our markets. In fact, the progress of our society is based on them. Oerlikon’s success also “would not be possible without innovation” – these were the words with which CEO Dr. Roland Fischer opened the 2018 Oerlikon Innovation Day – because “Innovation is in our DNA. It is at the heart of our company.” So why not spend a day talking about the specifics of it? Why not show investors, customers, scientists, media representatives and talented young people what actually lies behind the annual reports, market shares and stock market analyses? That was the idea behind this event.

With this in mind, some 100 visitors came to the Culture and Convention Center Lucerne on April 10, 2018, to listen to talks about fascinating technologies that produce surprising solutions. How and where they are used was shown in images projected onto the wall behind the podium during the breaks. Wind farms, airplanes, cars, tools, medical technology, airbags, safety belts, motors, and much more. The common factors in all of these are Industry 4.0, big data, productivity, efficacy, profitability and sustainability.


“Innovation doesn’t just mean having an idea – you also have to translate it into products that make people’s lives easier and better. Our job is to support our customers in doing so.”
Professor Michael Süss, Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Oerlikon Group


“Materials have had a key role to play in the history of humankind. The twenty-first century is now experiencing the next revolution in material technology through additive manufacturing (AM).”
Professor Johannes Heinrich Schleifenbaum from RWTH Aachen University


“All known production methods are old, simple and use relatively little information. AM, by contrast, is the first production method that can use all available data. A result of this might be that a piece of equipment can be manufactured from 12 rather than 855 parts or with 92 percent less waste.”
Florian Mauerer, Head of Business Unit Additive Manufacturing at Oerlikon


 “E-mobility is coming, and not just in passenger vehicles.”
Dr. Bernd Matthes, Segment CEO Drive Systems at Oerlikon


  1. Amogh Arawkar

    Its good to know that in almost each segment Oerlikon is having Advance Materials & Technology & also they are offering Product / Customer specific Customized solutions. Really very good work. Keep it up. Proud to be part of Oerlikon Family.

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