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Passion for materials

Why a young student is fascinated by the material things


Why a young student is fascinated by the material things

Materials are omnipresent in our world today and have played a significant role in our evolution since the beginning of civilization. If we look back into history, eras such as the Stone or Bronze ages have been named after materials. Over the centuries, materials and the study and application of it – material science ­– have gained even more in importance. Today, university materials science departments are flourishing and producing a spate of passionate materials experts and innovations.

In its edition published on December 5, 2015, The Economist described materials science as “the process of turning matter into new and useful forms.” This perfectly highlights the application-oriented approach of this discipline. Materials form the foundation of all products and technologies; if we want to improve them, we need to work on the materials’ level.

Here at Oerlikon, we have always found materials science to be a fundamental and fascinating field. But what motivates young people to study this particular discipline at university? To find out, we asked a student at the renowned ETH Zurich (the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Zurich, where Albert Einstein himself once lectured) to explain to us what drives her and how materials scientists work:

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