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Making aircraft innovations fly

These technologies have a profound impact on the aviation industry


They’re the giants of passenger aviation—literally. From Airbus A380 to medium and short haul aircrafts, their increased passenger capacity grabs all the headlines. But the more interesting and important news is what it takes to keep hundreds of people airborne safely, profitably, and in accord with environmental standards.

With the growth in demand for mobility and access to air travel, an increase in passenger load is inevitable. The challenge is meeting that demand while reducing overall weight and improving fuel efficiency. Meeting that challenge requires ingenuity. And while people in general aren’t aware of the innovations behind those bigger yet lighter aircraft, the industry couldn’t reach new heights without them. Click on each dot below for examples of our vast range of innovative technologies that help to make aircrafts fly.

As this interactive graphic illustrates, advances in technology – be it coatings, new materials or technical textiles – are having an impact on every aspect of aviation, from the wings and landing gear to the seatbelts and air quality in the cabin. Coatings, for example, improve the characteristics and functionality of a wide variety of materials in airplanes. Whether they need to be able to withstand extreme temperatures, resist surface wear and corrosion, minimize friction, or simply contribute to a more comfortable flying experience, these materials perform at their best thanks to coating innovations. That enhanced performance extends to improvements in fuel efficiency that help contain costs and ensure compliance with environmental standards.

As industry leaders and upstarts race to bring new aircraft to market, they’re under pressure to shorten development and manufacturing cycles without sacrificing the quality of the end product. Coatings, new materials and textiles have become essential to ensuring passenger’s safety, enhancing performance in the air, and promoting greater air quality. Without them, it would be impossible for aviation advances to get off the ground.


By Randy B. Hecht


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