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6 exceptional applications of coatings

And the value they create


1. More operating cycles

Lengthening the service life of micro-tools

In the electronics and watchmaking indus­tries, micro-tools are essential elements of the manufacturing process. After only 10 to 20 operating cycles, drills with a diameter of as little as 0.1 mm will become worn. Oerlikon’s aluminum titanium nitride and al­uminum chromium nitride coatings not only increase the precision of the drills but also lengthen the service life to up to 1 000 oper­ating cycles with the same tool.

2. A clean print

Ensuring precisely metered ink for clean prints

A messy and dirty print happens when ink is not precisely metered to the printing plate for flexographic printing. It is also costly, as it ru­ins the entire print run. To ensure the quality of the anilox rolls, plasma-sprayed chromium oxide is homogenously coated on them, en­suring successful laser engraving of the ink-metering cells while also protecting the anilox roll from the corrosive effects of the ink.

3. Ensuring performance

Protecting turbine blades from erosive materials

Kaplan water turbines employ an adjustable propeller that allows the turbine to operate efficiently in various flow conditions. As the turbine blades are exposed to erosive mate­rials such as sands, silts and gravels, turbine efficiency is reduced. The blades are also subjected to fluid erosion and cavitation. With Oerlikon’s High Velocity Oxygen Fuel (HVOF) materials, the blades are protected, signifi­cantly extending the blades’ service life while ensuring high turbine efficiency and maintaining the expected turbine power output.

4. Supporting recovery

Improving patient outcomes with surgical implant coatings

Medical implants can trigger inflammation or infection, and are often rejected by the recip­ient. Bone implants are a particular challenge as they typically do not fuse quickly enough, reducing the stability of the implant and slow­ing down a patient’s healing process. Titani­um implants coated with a silver-containing layer can prevent inflammation, stop the body from rejecting the implant and reduce the need for secondary operations. In addi­tion, titanium bone implants can be given a mineral coating whose biocompatible, po­rous structure promotes bone growth and speeds up a stable connection between im­plant and bone.

5. Saving 50 % of costs

Coating turbochargers for maximum efficiency at a lower cost

For car manufacturers, turbochargers are in­strumental in improving vehicle efficiency and cutting CO2 emissions. Their performance can be considerably enhanced with coating solutions. Oerlikon’s abradable coatings for clearance control increase efficiency and cut the cost in half compared to conventional coatings. This makes turbochargers attrac­tively priced for the mass market.

6. 30 % reduction of oil consumption

Reducing oil consumption by reinventing cylinder surfaces

Car engines are becoming lighter, more effi­cient and more environmentally friendly, but they must run at high temperatures to burn fuel more efficiently, placing added stress on conventional engine parts. By applying a spe­cial coating to the cylinder bores, Oerlikon’s surface technology reduces friction and makes them more heat-resistant. The result is a 30 % reduction in oil consumption and a fuel saving in the range of 2 %.

The new Porsche Panamera is just one example how Oerlikon’s successful customers rely on this coating technology.

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