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What fascinates an additive manufacturing expert after 25 years in the business?


Additive manufacturing expert, Ralph Resnick, looks back on 25 years of experience in the business and explains why he was excited to found the powerful AM association America Makes.

In this interview with Oerlikon, he talks about the successes of America Makes and the immense opportunities additive manufacturing can offer. He also speaks about a project that he is particularly proud of, demonstrating how AM can not only make a difference in business but also socially.

Rethinking Manufacturing

The America Makes founder shares his view on additive manufacturing.

Will additive manufacturing really change manufacturing?

Ralph Resnick, founder of America Makes, talks about how additive manufacturing could give birth to completely new business models. He addresses what is needed to advance this technology and make it part of mainstream manufacturing: companies will have to re-imagine their products, designs, tooling factories, processes, and much more.

Ralph Resnick and America Makes’ mission is to accelerate the evolution of additive manufacturing.

Oerlikon, a member of America Makes, is excited to be part of this new technological revolution.

Joining forces to advance additive manufacturing

America Makes, a powerful additive manufacturing association, brings together innovators to advance additive manufacturing. Founding Director, Ralph Resnick, gives insights on the goals and benefits of the institute. 

Additive manufacturing (AM) is a production technology that makes a three-dimensional (3D) solid object of virtually any shape from a digital model. The flexibility of digital design and that the item is created layer by layer (additively) opens up entirely new ways of designing and manufacturing products. That’s why AM is seen as a key driver of the next industrial revolution.

This immense potential of the AM technology motivated Ralph Resnick, President and Executive Director of the National Center for Defense, Manufacturing and Machining (NCDMM), to found America Makes. America Makes pursues its vision of accelerating additive manufacturing and 3D printing (3DP) into mainstream manufacturing as a public-private partner.

Oerlikon Metco is a platinum member of America Makes and works together with other members to innovate, advance and accelerate AM and 3DP.

Oerlikon specializes in providing integrated end-to-end services for additively manufactured metal components.


  1. Rick Chambers

    Still have not heard back from you, are you currently working on the Pevroskite Solar technology development? Thank-you, -Rick

    1. Oerlikon

      Dear Mr Chambers,
      In the process of Oerlikon’s strategy to become a global surface solutions and advanced materials powerhouse, we have in the past divested our thin-film cell and wafer-based technology, in order to free up resources for Oerlikon to invest in its leading businesses.
      Surly, we are happy to keep you updated on our activities in additive manufacturing as well as other Oerlikon technologies.
      Best regards,
      The Oerlikon Blog Team

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