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How material advances put the VW Tiguan in the technology fast lane

A new technology that puts the VW Tiguan in a new light - in an environmental friendly way.


Concept cars have hit the road before, but the VW Tiguan one breaks new ground. Its innovative motor design isn’t the auto’s only engine for innovation. The eye-catching exterior features custom-designed black chrome look coatings developed from a sustainable plastic metallization technique.

Developed by Oerlikon Balzers, the coating method is known as ePD (embedded PVD for Design Parts). It uses a combination of PVD thin-film and UV paint technologies, and it is free of toxic substances such as chromium derivatives. This puts ePD ahead of the curve in compliance with European REACH environmental regulations that go into effect at the end of 2017. The coatings can be configured to metallic color specification and enable features such as configurable light or radio-wave permeability. The result: mirror covers, front-light frames, and the radiator grill have a distinctive appearance.

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