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An innovative and energy-saving yarn finishing process

Yarn processing is a key part in the production of bulk continuous filament (BCF) carpet yarns. During such a production, a critical and one of the most energy consuming step is tangling or intermingling. The faster production speeds, as a result of improvements in productivity and technology, has made the tangling process even more demanding. Until now, this is performed through a constant, stationary and continuous air flow forming the compressed air pressure.



RoTac³: The system is now available for new as well as existing S+ BCF machines.

Today, Oerlikon Neumag introduces the RoTac³ production system. It uses a revolutionary air pulsing nozzle combined with contactless air pressure sealing to produce 200 million high-pressure air pulses/day, 24/7, making it possible to achieve up to 50% compressed air savings in carpet yarn production. Furthermore, the nozzle’s co-rotation with the yarn allows more air pressure to be applied at the same spot leading to high node uniformity. All new BCF S+ plant solutions from Oerlikon Neumag are equipped with Rotac³. It is also possible to upgrade existing S+ machines with a RoTac³ conversion kit, if so desired by the customer. Oerlikon Neumag’s customer services team will retrofit and provide the expert consulting and training as required. Watch the latest RoTac³ video for more information.

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