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The WINGS family now has new members - Oerlikon Barmag at the ITMA ASIA + CITME 2014

Remscheid/Shanghai, June 24, 2014 – two new members of the Oerlikon Barmag WINGS family will be unveiled to the broad public for the very first time in Shanghai between June 16 and 20: The winding system – which has been revolutionizing the textile world for seven years – is now also available for the POY process in an 1800-mm stroke length and with 12 or 16 ends. Furthermore, the HOY process – deemed particularly challenging – can now also draw on WINGS technology.

WINGS 1800 successfully launched

The first pilot positions successfully commissioned prove: performance, package build and yarn quality are at the same high level as in the case of the 1500-mm stroke-length model. This guarantees superlative results in the DTY process. With package weights of 15 kg (12-end variant) or 10 kg (16-end), the winding unit with extended stroke is extremely competitive.

Special highlight: string-up for the WINGS 1800 is now even faster with its new string-up device – despite its 12 packages. The new technology saves around 30 precious seconds compared to its 10-end counterpart – hence making it considerably faster than its competitors. The result: less waste.

Furthermore, the WINGS POY 1800/12-end excels vis-à-vis the 1500/10-end model, requiring less space per filament, hence further increasing efficiency. The difference in the required space for the zigzag layout of the spin packs is even more noticeable, where the 16-end winder is able to reveal its advantages even better, which makes it interesting for inhouse further processors in particular, despite its lower package weight.
HOY spinning with WINGS
And the WINGS winder is now also available for the special polyamide HOY process. A first pilot system is already operating in China.

The texturing process is dispensed with in the case of HOY; due to direct further processing of HOY yarns into fabric, the process requires lots of oil. With its completely covered draw field, WINGS reduces to a minimum the otherwise common contamination in the winding area caused by the spin finish and hence ensures the process is clean. With this, the WINGS technology once again reveals itself to be operator- and maintenance-friendly.

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