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Remscheid, Milan, November 12-19, 2015 – In the field of spun-dyed filament yarns, Oerlikon Barmag succeeds another quantum leap: The market leader in filament spinning systems construction now also offers solutions for the efficient production of spun-dyed polyester POY and FDY microfiber yarns under practicable marginal conditions when using the EvoQuench radial quenching systems.


In the case of spin-dyeing polyester POY or FDY using the EvoQuench system, the particular focus lies on the long, stable duration of use for the sieves installed in the EvoQuench. This ensures a highly- consistent yarn quality over long production periods and makes a considerable contribution to reducing downtimes and consumption costs.

The dyes deployed in spin-dyeing are – with the exception of black – generally azoic dyes or organometallic complexes. These aromatic-based molecule systems can, in part, decompose at the high melt temperatures and evaporate directly underneath the spinneret. While this evaporation does not result in lower durability and evenness when using a cross-flow quenching system, increased contamination of the sieves of the EvoQuench could well result in lowering their service life and the evenness of the yarn.

For this reason, the special design for spun-dyed yarn protects the sieves against contamination caused by evaporating dye particles. Important design criteria was easy and fast cleaning during the routine pack wipe cycles.

The unbroken trend towards spun-dyed yarns has numerous good reasons: The most important benefits of spin-dyeing lie in the evenness of the dyeing results and in the ecologically considerably cleaner process.

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