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Remscheid, Shanghai, October 21, 2016 – the EvoQuench radial quenching system – the core component within the polyester microfiber spinning process – has expanded its process window: EvoQuench is now also newly available for polyamide processing.

EvoQuench now also for polyamide 6 processing

With this development, Oerlikon Barmag is the first-ever supplier of systems for high-quality polyamide 6 microfilament titers both for the POY and the FDY processes. Attempts to date by yarn manufacturers to produce polyamide 6 microfiber yarns using cross-flow quenching systems have not resulted in the quality demanded by the market. With this new quenching concept, yarns can now be manufactured whose diverse applications – for example, in one pant products, hosiery and outdoor fabrics – create lucrative new sales markets for polyamide 6 customers, displacing other yarns types in these markets in the process.

Spin-dyeing with EvoQuench
The EvoQuench is also available for the polyester POY or FDY spin-dyeing process. Here, the particular focus lies on the long, stable duration of use for the sieves installed in the EvoQuench. This ensures a highly-consistent yarn quality over long production periods and makes a considerable contribution to reducing downtimes and consumption costs. To this end, spin-dyeing polyester POY and FDY microfilament yarns is now possible and efficient under practicable marginal conditions when using the EvoQuench radial quenching system. This strengthens the general trend towards spun-dyed products by opening a further process window.

Microfilament yarns are yarns with a filament fineness < 1 dtex, while those with individual filaments < 0.5 dtex are described as super-microfilament yarns. Conventional melt spinning processes can currently be used to reliably and simultaneously economically manufacture filaments with a fineness of up to 0.3 dtex.

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