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Solutions for DTY production

Ever since manmade fibers were created, man has been attempting to give the smooth, synthetic filament a natural fiber-like character.

Texturing machines from Oerlikon Barmag

Texturing is a finishing step that transforms the POY supply yarn into DTY and hence into an attractive and unique product.

Apparel, home textiles, automotive – there are countless applications for textured yarns manufactured on Oerlikon Barmag machines. Correspondingly specific are the demands made on the yarns used.

During texturing, pre-oriented yarn (POY) is permanently crimped using friction. As a result, elasticity and heat retention are increased, the yarn receives a pleasant handle, while thermal conduction is simultaneously reduced.

With the new machine generation eAFK Evo you produce a consistently high yarn quality with significantly higher speeds and increased productivity, with lower energy consumption and simpler operation compared to comparable market solutions. Among the many features and components that provide noticeable added value, the focus is particularly on two: the high-performance, energy-efficient HTI heater and the EvoCooler, a completely newly developed active cooling system.

Cost-efficient production

The eAFK Evo is only 4.7 metres high - but still has a 4-deck take-up. Its advantage lies in a system concept that combines compact design with high performance. Would you like to increase the productivity of your texturing process by up to 30 percent compared to comparable systems? No problem with the eAFK Evo! The essential basis for this is a very short twist zone with a new cooling system. Only 300 millimetres long, the EvoCooler uses active cooling technology with which you can easily reach your goal. It goes without saying that yarn quality can be maintained at a consistently high level - for correspondingly high sales margins.

Our eAFK Evo technology offers you a comprehensive process window - without compromising yarn quality. The adjustable cooling of the EvoCooler opens a large production window with titers from about 20 to 300 denier including microfilaments. In addition, you benefit from the fact that the EvoCooler enables highly uniform dyeing of the yarn and, despite its advantages, manages without additional energy consumption.

Reduced energy consumption

With the optimized, extremely energy-efficient HTI heater and its connected peripherals, you can save up to 20 percent of the energy consumed by the entire machine without compromising the usual high yarn quality.

The eAFK Evo also offers you significant added value in terms of maintenance: With the innovative maintenance concept from Oerlikon Barmag, the inserts can be pulled out of the heater and cleaned in the ultrasonic bath without time pressure, while inserted exchange elements ensure immediate further operation - time in which DTY yarn of the highest quality can be produced.