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Ever since manmade fibers were created, man has been attempting to give the smooth, synthetic filament a natural fiber-like character.

Texturing machines from Oerlikon Barmag

Texturing is a finishing step that transforms the POY supply yarn into DTY and hence into an attractive and unique product.

Apparel, home textiles, automotive – there are countless applications for textured yarns manufactured on Oerlikon Barmag machines. Correspondingly specific are the demands made on the yarns used.

During texturing, pre-oriented yarn (POY) is permanently crimped using friction. As a result, elasticity and heat retention are increased, the yarn receives a pleasant handle, while thermal conduction is simultaneously reduced.

The eAFK unites tried-and-tested technologies from the eFK, AFK and MPS machine series with the flexibility of a modern, modular machine structure. To this end, top priority is – as customary – awarded to outstanding yarn quality.

Modular structure with proven technology

In an economic, efficient and energy-conscious manner, eAFK utilizes godet technology, auto-doffing and – for excellent package build – ATT technology. Various innovative cross-sections offer the perfect solution for customized requirements. As does the huge range of processible polymers – from polyester, polyamide and polypropylene all the way through to PLA and PTT.

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