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As an engineering company for a wide range of nonwoven technologies, Oerlikon Nonwoven provides stand-alone machines and turnkey production lines for almost every type of nonwoven product.

Sustainable solutions for highest demands

Oerlikon Nonwoven offers flexible, high-performance technologies for Meltblown, Spunbond and Airlaid.

Airlaid Plant Solutions

Airlaid technology – sets standards

Airlaid products are characterized by the formation of fibrous webs using air as the transport medium from the raw material preparation to the web forming systems, and also for the actual web forming process.

We offer complete turnkey lines, stand-alone web formation systems for combination with other nonwoven technologies as well as components and upgrades for airlaid lines.

Patented technology

The core of the airlaid technology is the patented web forming system that enables the production of wide width webs based either on 100% pulp fibers or homogeneous mixtures of different fibers and powders. Typical raw materials are fluff pulp, bicomponent bonding fibers and super absorbent powder for absorbent core material.

The web forming systems can also be combined with other forming technologies, such as spunbond and carding. With these combinations it is possible to manufacture products that combine the advantages of each technology to meet your specific requirements.

Excellent product quality

With the Oerlikon Nonwoven airlaid technology you are able to produce single or multilayer products specifically engineered to meet your requirements with regard to product performance.


  • Absorbent cores for hygienic products
  • Absorbent cores for adult incontinence
  • Wet and dry wipes
  • Industrial wiping
  • Table top products
  • Wound care and hospital products
  • Absorbent cores for food packaging

Your benefits

  • Homogeneous fiber and powder mixture
  • Excellent MD/CD profiles
  • Nit and lump free webs
  • Formation of long fibers, for instance 12 mm bicomponent fibers


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