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Hydrocharging with hycuTEC



Oerlikon Nonwoven wins FILTREX Innovation Award 

At this year's FILTREX conference in Berlin, Oerlikon Nonwoven received the Innovation Award for its hycuTEC hydrocharging unit. Conference attendees were able to choose from four innovations previously nominated by EDANA and chose hycuTEC by a large majority. The FILTREX Innovation Award is presented every two years and is the only award that recognizes innovations from the filtration industry.

Interview with FILTREX™ Innovation Award 2022 Winners (YouTube)

hycuTEC hydro-charging can reduce the pressure loss in typical FFP2 filter media to less than a quarter. Filtration efficiencies of more than 99.99% are easily achieved in typical filter media of 35 g/m² at 35 Pa. The hycuTEC process excels as a future-proof technology due to its considerably lower water and energy consumption compared to other hydro-charging concepts. This unit allows an additional drying process to be dispensed with in many applications, which has a huge impact on energy consumption.

Whereas classical hydro-charging processes charge the finished non-woven material, the hycuTEC concept is based on the all-round charging of each filament. Through controlled atomization, a charge is evenly transferred to the fibers from the water spray. And a special additive is used to permanently bond the charge to the surface of each fiber. The result: filter media with a uniformly stable charge over the entire cross-section and an effective fiber surface area about 10 times greater than that of surface-charged media.

The hycuTEC is an industrially manufactured hydro-charging solution that can be seamlessly integrated into the production process. And the technology is also easily retrofitted to existing systems as a plug & produce component.