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Industrial yarns are considered to be the ultimate discipline in filament manufacturing. High tenacities, extreme dimensional stability, tremendous durability along with a large range of titers – although the demanding production process promises high-margins, it is however also simultaneously a huge challenge both for the yarn manufacturer and the systems constructor.

Sustainable solutions for IDY production

With a operation window of between 50 and 12,000 den per filament, Oerlikon Barmag industrial yarn systems cover an extremely-wide titer range. Depending on the application and the required yarn characteristics, our systems produce ‘strong’ yarns for all applications: from high-tenacity high-modulus yarn for safety belts, HMLS yarns for tire cords all the way through to low and ultra-low shrinkage yarns for tarpaulins.

High yarn Quality

High yarn Quality

No compromises in terms of quality

Yarn quality is the decisive criterion, particularly in industrial applications. After all, our lives frequently depend on it. Here, we are by your side – with our high-performance spinning system components: from the extruder and the spinning pump, the spin beam and the spin packs all the way through to the quenching system and the winder.

Your benefits :

  • EvoQuench radial quenching unit guarantees excellent yarn evenness for HMLS
  • HF godets ensure gentle yarn treatment
  • ACW winder produces excellent quality arn packages

Savings in OPEX

Savings in OPEX

Cost-efficient manufacturing

Competition within the yarn markets is becoming more intense. The consequence: constantly rising pressure on costs. The solution: optimized production processes, efficient systems, sustainable technologies. All these are provided by our IDY technology concepts.

Your benefits :

  • Reduced heat loss with SP8x spinning head series
  • Reduced production costs with double-in-one spin pack
  • Reduced energy consumption with HF godets

High efficiency

High efficiency

On the winning side

Efficiency is the most important characteristic of Oerlikon Barmag’s industrial yarn spinning lines. Its core components convince with regards to economic maintenance, efficient operation and production speed.

Your benefits :

  • HF godets score highly in terms of efficiency with their fast availability
  • high reliability, low maintenance requirements, long lifetime and high utilization rate with our ACW winder
  • The ACW winder sets speed record in HMLS spinning process

Customized Solutions

Customized Solutions

Customized consultation, tailor-made concepts

No other filament yarn process is quite as special as the industrial yarn process. Numerous potential applications require diverse yarns, each with different properties. This is where we are your partner: you determine the end applications for your yarn. We ensure that your investment caters to these. With customized process consultation and tailor-made systems concepts.

Concepts for :

  • Airbag yarn
  • Low-denier yarn
  • HMLS
  • Geotextiles
  • Low-shrinkage yarn

Flexible processes

Unlimited possibilities – product diversity for your premium yarns

Our IDY technology offers you a comprehensive process window – without compromises in terms of the yarn quality. Our flexible spinning concepts allow for a variety of possible yarn products for numerous applications.

Available processes:

  • heavy denier
  • low denier
  • high-tenacity
  • low-shrinkage
  • super-low-shrinkage
  • HMLS
  • safety yarns


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