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Mastering the entire carpet yarn production process.

Mastering the entire carpet yarn production process

With the BCF plants BCF S8, S+ and Sytec One, Oerlikon Neumag offers a product portfolio in which the customer is certain to find the plant designed to meet their individual needs.

Sytec One

Sytec One

The breakthrough, one-end Sytec One technology enables BCF production using standard polymer and also recycling polymer at the highest quality and capacity level and at the same time reducing manufacturing cost. With only one yarn end per position, this machine is perfectly prepared for automatization.

Your Benefits

  •     Demanding processes
  •     High number of filaments
  •     Course yarn
  •     High speed
  •     Highest efficiency
  •     Easier trouble shooting
  •     Recycling optimized
  •     Prepared for automation

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