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PET Bottle Grade Granulates

With the drastic increase in world population, drinking water is a scarce resource. Optimum conservation and an efficient transport are all the more important for these precious resources. Bottles made of synthetic polyethylene terephthalate (PET) are not only practical and unbreakable: because of their low weight, transporting them, also consumes less energy. A further advantage is that the material can be easily recycled.

PET Bottle Grade Granulates

Energy efficient production of PET bottle grade granulates

Investment in production facilities for the synthetic granulate out of which the bottles are made, is particularly high in the emerging nations. With its high level of technological expertise in the production and handling of synthetic materials such as manmade fibers, Oerlikon Barmag also enables you in the growing market for bottle grade granulates by constructing plants from the planning to the commissioning. All the components, such as reactors, filters, heating elements, vacuum systems, piping, valves, sensors and control units, are procured from partners in various countries.

The proven Oerlikon Barmag technology led to significant energy savings and a sustainable reduction in operating costs. With the special technology developed by Oerlikon Barmag, the hot steam, generated during the manufacturing process, can be used to produce cold water. This so-called vapor absorption distiller, significantly reduces the plant’s energy consumption. On top of this, Oerlikon Barmag’s technology has a high conversion rate and creates relatively little waste. Operators thus attain a substantially higher margin and are more competitive. In addition, the plant technology enables manufacturers to use a certain amount of recycled synthetic material in the production process, resulting in a reduced need for raw materials.