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Metering Pumps for Industrial Applications

Oerlikon Barmag offers a large selection of gear metering pumps for varies industrial applications. We cover extremely diverse areas with our highly-efficient pumps – including silicone casting, dynamic mixing and oil spraying.

The perfect choice for all applications

The demands on the pumps are just as high as in the case of textiles – particularly considering that the demand is growing for tailored solutions for ever more complicated processes. And our expertise also allows us to provide even the most complex applications with the perfect solution.

GM series

Oerlikon Barmag metering pumps are used mainly for high-precision metering of chemical fluids. Accurate metering at high pressure is guaranteed even under the most difficult operating conditions involving thin and toxic media. The metering pump series for chemical applications is characterised by short flow channel paths, whereby all parts coming into contact with media are manufactured from the base material 1.4112 (martensitic chromium steel).


  • Polyols, Isocyanates
  • Catalysts
  • Composites
  • Low- to high-viscosity media


  • High-pressure gear pump available
  • Stuffing box or shaft sealing ring
  • Buffer fluid
  • Sealing plate package (O-Ring Viton)
  • High torque load with high-viscosity liquids
  • High metering accuracy with low-viscosity liquids

Technical data

  • Capacity 0,05 - 200 cc/rev.
  • Product temperatures up to 140°C
  • Maximum outlet pressure 80 bar


  • ATEX certificate (II2GcT3)
  • Clean air certificate
  • Wear-resistant surface treatment (DLC)
  • Electric or liquid heating sleeve
  • Magnetic coupling/mechanical sealing
  • O-ring (Kalrez)
  • Specially designed drives


Oerlikon Barmag

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