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Pumps for Manmade Fiber Applications

Gear metering pumps in textile manufacturing are extremely popular. This is above all due to the fact that numerous systems are being modernized in terms of their efficiency and specialization. And it is precisely here that Oerlikon Barmag pumps are deployed, as we have the perfect solution for every application.

For the highest level of quality

Precision, durability, resistance and cost efficiency – the highest demands are made on the pumps in all areas. And this is exactly where customers benefit most from the many years of Oerlikon Barmag expertise: the appropriate materials, custom adjustments and comprehensive consultation are second nature to us.

Promix AC/Flumix AC

Manufacturing products from polymer melts (e.g. spun textile manmade fibers) frequently requires low-viscosity additives to be added to the melt under high pressure. Adding these additives must be carried out with the utmost precision, as even the smallest deviations can change the product quality.


  • Additives
  • Dyes

Promix AC

Promix AC

The Promix AC pump is a planetary gear pump with an integrated 3DD mixing torpedo. This type of mixer pump is used for manmade fiber production systems. It is installed in processes requiring high flexibility for injecting additives from spinning position to spinning position. The mixer rotation speed is coupled to the pump gear speed. The pump gears generate the melt pressure and meter the melt volume. 
Promix AC is characterized by its compact design, is supplied with electrical heating and can be easily integrated into a melt pipe system.

Flumix AC

The Flumix AC is based on the mixer pump, but has no pump section and hence no metering and pump function. This is why the mixer speed can be adjusted independently of the melt flow volume. This offers the possibility of setting the optimum mixing power by adjusting the mixer rotating speed. The Flumix AC provides the flexibility for setting the mixing performance to the required optimum for each respective process.

Flumix AC is characterized by a compact design, is supplied with electrical heating and can be easily integrated into a melt pipe system.

GM control unit

Whether for casting PUR parts, lamination of composite parts, metering additives in an ongoing extrusion process, application of cold adhesives or for flexible use in production systems with changing requirements - the compact and mobile GM control unit can support all these tasks with the usual high metering accuracy and with even more ease of use.


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