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The wiping robot guarantees outstanding yarn quality with a high degree of efficiency and optimized systems management. As a result, yarn manufacturers can minimize costs and maximize profits. How is this possible? It’s really quite simple: conventionally, the wiping process is sweat-inducing work. By automating it, yarn manufacturers can not only increase the full package rate and reduce the yarn break rate – they can also minimize the deployment of staff at the spin packs and produce less waste, hence supporting their HSE (Health – Safety – Environment) initiatives.



Fully-integratable into plant management systems

Fully-integratable into plant management systems

Integration into the Oerlikon Barmag Smart Plant System, which is possible in most cases, optimizes shift and systems management. The wiping robot automatically moves to the correct position and carries out the wiping cycles in a fully-autonomous manner. 


Main features

Main features

Greater efficiency and lower costs as a result of:

  • Higher full package rate;
  • Lower yarn break rate;
  • Up to 25% longer wiping intervals;
  • Less waste;
  • Utilization of silicon oil from canisters; this dispenses with approx. 95% of the spray cans normally used in manual wiping;
  • A more pleasant working environment for the operating staff.


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