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The heart of a typical automatic filament handling system is the intermediate storage. Here, finished packages of the same lot, quality, etc. are collected until a sufficient and reasonable number is reached for packaging or further processing, such as texturing.

The heart of automatic handling

Since intermediate storage can be considered as one of the most important part of an automatic filament handling system, its design determines an essential part of the flexibility, efficiency and reliability of the entire installation. Based on the special requirements of a specific plant Oerlikon Barmag automation offers two different solutions:

Key Features


  • Compact intermediate storage for large bobbin quantities
  • Fully automatic warehouse management
  • Direct access to every single bobbin offers highest flexibility
  • Fast access to each storage position through the usage of high-performance stacker cranes


  • Highest handling capacity due to usage of Pin-Container (6 doffs per container)
  • Redundant access concept by storage servicing with AGVs
  • Flexible and very cost-effective design

Today these successful systems, patented by Oerlikon Barmag, are operating in many spinning and texturing production plants around the globe.

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