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Doffing for texturing machines

For the automatic doffing of modern automatic texturing machines Oerlikon Barmag offers the use of a floor based AGV (Automated Guided Vehicle) system. Using state-of-the-art laser navigation these units do not require any mechanical rails or guiding, which would interfere with the remaining manual work in this area. Due to flexible navigation concepts and a system-based redundancy huge capacities can be covered with even a small number of AGVs.

New ways for automation and quality control

By automating the POY supply and the DTY disposal/collection, the texturing via an intermediate storage by Oerlikon Barmag can thus also be easily be connected to POY production via an data-related system.

This provides completely new options in regard of quality control for plants with POY production and downstream processes, using the advantage of non-stop product tracking starting from the raw material up to the DTY bobbin.

Key Features

  • Flexibility
  • Independence
  • (Highly efficient transport, as with up to 54 coils capacity per cycle)

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