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Remscheid, May 02, 2012 – Oerlikon Textile, market and technological leader in the field of textile machinery and plant, is showing its strength on an area of approx. 1200 m2 at booth H01/F02 in hall W2 during the ITMA Asia in Shanghai on 12. to 16.06.2012. Show highlights include the Autocoro 8 rotor spinning machine, new solutions for ring spinning and winding systems, the FDY take-up winding machine WINGS, twisting and embroidery solutions and manifold premium components. Oerlikon Textile shows pertinent exhibits for these products. In addition, Oerlikon invites visitors to a “virtual showroom” in which they can familiarize themselves with complex installations and process sequences in 3D for nonwovens, synthetic staple fiber and BCF carpet yarn plants.

"Innovation has a name": Oerlikon Textile at ITMA Asia 2012

Technological sustainable masterpieces

"Oerlikon Textile will present technology solutions especially for the requirements of the Asian market with a focus on a sustainable textile production. Our e-save program fits perfectly to the needs of our customers: Creating a higher productivity, saving more energy and the protection of the environment with a less waste production", says Clement Woon, CEO of Oerlikon Textile.

At the ITMA Asia Oerlikon Textile is presenting its broad product portfolio in the manmade fiber, natural fiber and textile components business. Five leading brands will exhibit the following products under the umbrella of Oerlikon Textile on the show.

Oerlikon Barmag: Main spotlight on WINGS

Oerlikon Barmag will be presenting innovative solutions focusing on increasing productivity, saving energy and ergonomics. Initially, the main spotlight will be on WINGS for FDY yarns – with the first production systems being commissioned in the first quarter of 2012. The trade show’s exhibits will also include the corresponding spinning pumps for the FDY process with WINGS.

A further information focus in Shanghai will be on the carbon fibers sector, with exhibits including the WinTrax carbon fiber winder from the German textile machine builder’s Chemnitz-based subsidiary. As the reinforcing fiber fabric in composite materials, carbon fibers are considered the materials of the future. Fiber composite materials promise solutions wherever light, but nevertheless stable, structures are required. Here, the manufacture of the fundamental fibers is considered extremely complex and challenging. 

Oerlikon Schlafhorst: One-stop innovations in spinning and winding

The market and innovation leader in ring and rotor spinning and winding supplies spinning mills worldwide with innovations for the optimum in quality, reliability and economic benefit. The new Autocoro 8 is thus the first and only rotor spinning machine to spin a yarn at a rotor speed of 200,000 rpm. The new technology forms the basis for productivity increases of up to 25 per cent, machine start-up in minutes instead of hours, an excellent multi-lot capability and much lower spinning costs. The BD 448 is the longest semi-automatic rotor spinning machine in the world. The Zinser ring spinning machines 351 and 451 promise unique process reliability with the Impact FX compact spinning technology and the CoWeMat doffer. And the quality package of the Autoconer X5 sets the benchmark for individually and flexibly adaptable package quality with maximum productivity.

Oerlikon Neumag: Superior competence in BCF carpet yarns, staple fibres and nonwoven production

With a market share of nearly 70 per cent, the company is a leading supplier of highly advanced BCF carpet yarn machines. The BCF best seller in 2011, the S+ with three ends per position, is now available for the up-and-coming raw material polyester BCF. The BCF S+ for polyester is a perfect substitute for polyester spun yarn on account of its cost efficiency in production. Production systems for polyester staple fibres permit maximum capacities of up to 300 tonnes per day and cut operating costs at the same time. For manufacturers of nonwovens such as geotextiles, compact inline systems with capacities of up to 80 tonnes per day offer suitable solutions as they permit small production batches and require few operators. Also on the agenda are machines or turnkey systems for the production of nonwovens from spunbond and meltblown to airlaid. Visitors to the exhibition can also navigate through the innovations in 3D on a virtual tour of the installation.

Oerlikon Saurer: Embroider and twist perfectly and economize on costs

The market leader in embroidery and twisting is putting the emphasis on energy saving with the new Volkmann CT: the eco-drive concept and spindles are the perfect complement to the e-save spindle family and help to save up to 40 per cent of energy costs, even for the finest yarn counts. Next new process: Volkmann Heat-SET integrates cabling, thermofixing and winding in one process sequence, thus reducing process costs and speeding up order completion. The new Allma TC2 two-for-one twisting machine can process every conceivable material in the titre range from 235 to 60,000 dtex. It thus satisfies the demand for top quality, application variety and production flexibility in the market for technical plied yarns. Its sister machine Allma CC4 is revolutionizing the tyre cord cabling market with energy savings of up to 50 per cent. And the Epoca 6 with its new drive system, optimal adjustment options and perfect thread cutting delivers the product up to 30 per cent faster with maximum reliability and embroidery quality.

Oerlikon Textile Components: The best place to go for all premium components

As marketleader, Oerlikon Textile Components is a byword for quality and know-how in the production of premium components for the filamentindustry and staple fibres pinning mills and is exhibiting innovations for different applications. Special exhibition highlights: in staple fibre spinning, the world’s most versatile Texparts® PK2630SE weighting arms soon also available for Rieter and LMW spinningframes and Texparts® PK2025+ weighting arms with excellent performance and flexibility even in difficult spinning conditions. Spindles with the Texparts® Zero Underwinding system prevent underwind threads and offer maximum reliability, efficiency and operator-friendliness in use. The novel curved edge of the Daytex® ShrinkageBelt is completely devoid of sharpedges, preventing tears from forming and thus extending the belt’s servicelife. Accotex® Glass Forming Apron, which is setting new standards in durability, is also now available for all applications. The highlights for filamentprocessing are the Heberlein® TexJet-ATY which leads to a new area in airtexturing. The jet is the solution for low productivity caused by rapid contamination, the general level of yarn quality and the limited process window. Fibrevision® Unitens is the market leading On Line Monitoringsystem for all makes of DTY machinery operating 500,000 threadlines world-wide. Temco® Long Life plus Frictiondisc designed for abrasive yarn is wear protected for a 50% higher lifetime. The Heberlein® AirSplicer-70-2 with long-life Phoenix knifes expands the technical performance limits for high modulus fibres. The efficient and sustainable solution Temco® NipRollerUnit consisting of Daytex® Cots and Temco® NipRollerBearings offers energy savings from up to  50%compared to conventional niprollerunits.This entitles the Temco®N ipRollerUnit as an “e-save” labelled key component.

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