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Diverse nonwoven portfolio raises great interest at the Index 2014

Staple Force S 1000 one of the highlights in Geneva

Neumünster, 28 April 2014 – Oerlikon Neumag registered a high visitor resonance during this year’s INDEX trade show held in Geneva, Switzerland, between April 8 and 11. In addition to nonwoven technologies for industrial applications, visitors were particularly interested in the new Staple FORCE S 1000 staple fiber plant, which was presented to a wide audience for the very first time.

With its compact construction, simple handling and energy-efficient operation, the Staple FORCE S 1000 is convincing, not just for fiber manufacturers focusing on special applications and on ‘on-demand’ deliveries, it also enables nonwoven producers to efficiently integrate fiber manufacturing into their own production operations.

By means of virtual reality presentations, potential clients were able to visually convince themselves of the benefits of the system: the small design with its compact construction and low throughputs of up to 15 tons per day, enables swift product color changes with considerably lower waste. The savings in terms of energy and water resulting from the deployment of a dry-drawing process, lead to a reduction in operating costs and simultaneously protect the environment. The option to install the system on a standard industrial floor also minimizes investment costs. “Efficient, flexible and compact – these are extremely attractive factors for our customers, opening up diverse, new market potentials for them”, sums up Oerlikon Manmade Fibers Sales Director Michael Korobczuk.

Industrial nonwoven applications continue to expand

Concrete project discussions not only concerned the Staple Force S 1000; Oerlikon Neumag’s nonwoven technology for industrial applications also proved to be very much in demand. Intensive and qualitatively good discussions as well as numerous concrete inquiries from clients and potential customers summed up the trade show for the nonwoven team.

In addition to the various nonwoven technologies, the large number of airlaid, meltblown and spun-bond specimens representing high industrial standards also proved highly convincing. The industrial spunbond systems for PET bitumen roofing substrate, in particular score with their low operating expenses in conjunction with high product quality. Here, Oerlikon Neumag offers tailor-made systems for all markets with production capacities between 4,500 and 15,000 tons per annum and extremely attractive return-on-investment times.

“The Index trade fair has confirmed our belief that – in addition to classical spunbond hygiene applications – the nonwoven market is continuing to grow strongly, particularly in the durable nonwoven segment and that we are very well positioned with our diverse product portfolio”, explains Dr. Ingo Mählmann, Product Manager Nonwovens.

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