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Neumünster, May 27, 2011 ­­­─ With around 65 percent market share Oerlikon Neumag is the first supplier of advanced BCF carpet yarn machines. With continuous development efforts Oerlikon Neumag focuses on improvements on the machines, the components and the processes. This knowledge is applied in new solutions for an improved performance in BCF.

Oerlikon Neumag stands for competence in BCF

The new S+ is a 3- end BCF machine which combines the advantages of the S5, S3 and the Sytec One. Reliable, well known components, such as the godets and the texturizing are taken from the S5 and united with the process improvements, for example the straight yarn spinning of the Sytec One. With the new S+ an efficiency of 99 percent and a significant speed increase has been realised.

The new innovation in BCF technology S+ will be presented and exhibited in detail at ITMA 2011, at the Oerlikon booth D 131 in hall 2.

New Dimensions in Staple Fiber Production

With its proven technology in polyester staple fiber and more than 25 established production lines of 200 tons per day capacity, Oerlikon Neumag has taken the next step in increasing the capacity. The 300 tons per day line generates various scale advantages as reduced operation costs.

At ITMA 2011, Oerlikon Neumag will be showing the new 300 tons per day polyester staple fiber production line in life-size using virtual reality technology. Experience the one - to - one dimension of a plant with the worldwide highest installed capacity in a single line. It is based on the unique design as well as superior material and manufacturing quality of Oerlikon Neumag draw frames. The 300 tons per day line is equipped with Oerlikon Neumags newly developed core components. The latest crimper Baltic 860 with a width of 860mm and the new cutter NMC 1400 with a diameter of 1400mm enhance the high capacity PSF production.

Moreover, Oerlikon Neumag will be showing a vision to further increase production capacities per line and gain economies of scale. In addition Oerlikon Neumag will present its well - known portfolio of Inline staple fiber lines for the production of fibers for nonwoven applications. The small capacity lines up to 80 tons per day typically produce geotextile fibers or fibers from recycled PET.

All this is presented at the Oerlikon Neumag booth in a spectacular 3D cinema.

Airlaid. Carding. Spunbond.

Oerlikon Neumag will be presenting their complete nonwoven technology portfolio which includes the Spunbond, the Meltblown, the Airlaid and the Carding Technology. Besides the traditional machine supply Oerlikon Neumag offers customised solutions consisting of different web forming processes.

In Spunmelt Oerlikon Neumag is focusing on their spinning competence and therefore will be presenting besides a running spunmelt line a plant walk in life size with virtual reality technology. Oerlikon Neumags advantages in spinning a wide range of alternative polymers such as PLA and PET have been further strengthened by constant development efforts in the pilot line in Neumünster. In Meltblown the development efforts are focused on fine denier material for high quality filtration products.

In Carding technology one focus will be the new Stylus needle loom. This new machine is a smart combination of the traditional Fehrer needle punching technology with the innovative Variliptic drive modules. Equipped with i-point needle patterns Stylus will improve the quality of the web significantly.

With Oerlikon Neumags superior carding technology a wide range of nonwoven material can be processed. In the pilot line in Linz new products are developed which help customers to enter the markets with new products much quicker. Latest examples come from carbon, PTFE and PP/glass layered products. Furthermore Oerlikon Neumag optimises correlation of fibre properties from varied staple fibre settings with nonwoven properties i.e. in geotextile applications.

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