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Oerlikon Barmag pumps – superlative precision for all cases

Remscheid, May 21, 2012 – At this year’s Achema – the leading international process industry and chemical technology trade fair in Frankfurt am Main – Oerlikon Barmag will be showcasing its gear metering pump program. Between June 18 and 22, the company is presenting components used in process-technologically challenging procedures, whether these processes are deployed in systems used in the chemicals, the plastics and the dyes and lacquers industry or in PUR applications. They guarantee precise material flows wherever highly-accurate metering of liquids and chemical fluids is absolutely essential to the process stability. To this end, the pumps’ deviation in metering accuracy is just ± 0.15 percent.

Today, extremely strong and resilient components are playing an ever-greater role in an increasingly large number of applications – such as the automobile industry and the wind power sector, to name but two. The quality of these high-end components depends decisively on the precisely-defined mixing ratio during manufacture. Oerlikon Barmag metering pumps are responsible for the precise metering of the various liquid materials in the numerous chemical processes carried out during the production of these components. In addition to the high quality of the end products, they ensure that production is highly-efficient – something that is reflected in shorter product conversion times and lower waste rates.

Furthermore, Oerlikon Barmag offers a whole variety of pumps designed especially for customer-specific processes. To this end, there are magnetically-coupled metering pumps for high-precision metering of toxic materials in hermetically-sealed environments. Moreover, shaft seals with stuffing box, shaft sealing ring or slide ring seals are possible for standard applications. In addition to the versions in rust- and acid-resistant, hardened steel, a wear-protection layer (DLC) for abrasive or poorly-lubricating media protects the pump and can therefore increase its lifespan. Alternatively, the pumps are also available in tool steel or in stainless steel for highly-corrosive applications.

Drum pumps – conveying and metering in a single unit

A further topical focus is Oerlikon Barmag’s newly-developed drum pump. This unit has been designed specifically for conveying and metering high-viscosity materials, such as adhesives, silicones, etc., from drums. Thorsten Wagener, the salesman responsible for industrial and chemical application pumps at Oerlikon Barmag: “The drum pump not only removes high-viscosity materials from the drum, it also meters the medium to the mixer head without any additional interim stops and with the customarily-high volumetric degree of efficiency. The advantage here lies in the fact that the scoop-piston pumps used to date can be dispensed with.” Metering that has, to date, been carried out in two separate steps (scoop-piston pump and metering pump) can now be combined into a single unit in the drum pump.

With the new pump, Oerlikon is making considerable advances in the bonding and joining of new materials, which are currently – and will continue to be in the future – a major challenge for industrial adhesion technologies.

Transfer pumps master high throughputs of various conveying media
Oerlikon Barmag’s new range of transfer pumps is characterized by durability and robustness. The primary applications also include – in addition to the PUR-manufacturing and -processing industry and fiber-reinforced composite component production – the conveying of liquid chemicals. Further typical applications include machine construction, tank systems and chemical machine and systems construction, among others. There is a whole range of possible conveying media – from polyurethane raw materials, lacquers, oils, adhesives all the way through to waxes and composite raw materials. With all these applications, Oerlikon Barmag’s transfer pumps guarantee long-term and reliable process mastery.

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