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Oerlikon Barmag pumps at the Bondexpo 2013 in Stuttgart

Remscheid, August 13, 2013 – whether for bonding, for casting or for insulating, for sealing or for foaming – at this year’s Bondexpo, the international trade fair for bonding technology, Oerlikon Barmag will be showcasing its gear metering pump program specifically designed for the joining/binding work steps. Between October 7 and 10, the company will be presenting – among other things – components for silicone processing and hot-melt adhesive applications, but also for processing resins and polyurethanes and other higher-viscosity liquids.

Highest precision for high-viscosity media

Efficiency in mastering viscous media – the GA series

When applying hot-melt adhesives, the focus lies above all on the evenness of the application. However, precise metering not only presupposes the fast and reproducible setting of an operating point, but also low-pulsation feeding of the conveying medium. Supplementing the proven GM series, Oerlikon Barmag has now developed the GA range for conveying higher-viscosity media. The GA series is available for conveying volumes of between 1.25 and 30 cm³/rev (0.6-144 l/h). It has been designed for pressures of up to 200 bar, for viscosities of up to 1,500 Pas as well as for temperatures of up to a maximum of 225 °C. With this new program of pumps, Oerlikon Barmag offers tailor-made solutions for all applications for which precisely-defined, even metering is absolutely essential.

Conveying and metering using a single unit – the drum pump

The drum pump is designed especially for conveying and metering high-viscosity materials such as adhesives, silicones, etc., from drums and other large containers and for pressures of up to 250 bar. Thorsten Wagener, the sales employee responsible for pumps used in industrial and chemical applications comments: “The drum pump not only conveys high-viscosity materials from the drum, it also meters the medium to the mixing head without any additional interim stops and with the customary volumetric efficiency.” In close agreement with the customer, the gear pump and drum follow-up plate are harmonized in such a way as to ensure that the plate can effortlessly reach the bottom of the container, hence guaranteeing a very small amount of residue totaling <1%. This has a positive impact on both the materials costs and the production process.

Working under high pressure

In high-pressure technology, conveying small volumes with low viscosities is a particular challenge. Specifically for this application, Oerlikon Barmag has expanded the GM series with round plate package to include an option for the pressure build-up capacity. This multi-stage pump is available for conveying volumes of between 0.05 and 20 cm³/rev and guarantees the generation of operating pressures even at low viscosities (for example, 250 bar, 100 mPas). To this end, higher volumetric efficiencies or a larger useable speed range can be achieved. The robust gear metering pump ensures continual low-pulsation operation. Hence, high-pressure applications conveying minimum flow-through rates (for example, 0.5g – 1.5g/sec.) can also be covered for the very first time. For the manufacturers of PUR molded parts, block foams, refrigeration unit insulation and sandwich panels, this means consistent process stability and low investment costs.   

About Oerlikon Manmade Fibers
With its Oerlikon Barmag and Oerlikon Neumag brands, Oerlikon Manmade Fibers is the world market leader for manmade fiber filament spinning systems, texturing machines, BCF systems, staple fiber systems and artificial turf systems and– as a service provider – offers engineering solutions for the entire textile value added chain.

As a future oriented company, the research and development at this division of the Oerlikon Group is driven by energy-efficiency and sustainable technologies. With the expansion of the product range to include poly-condensation systems and their key components, the company now caters to the entire process – from the monomer all the way through to the textured yarn.

The primary Oerlikon Barmag markets are in Asia, and – for Oerlikon Neumag – in the USA, Turkey and China. Correspondingly, Oerlikon Barmag and Oerlikon Neumag – with just under 2,500 employees – has a worldwide presence in 120 countries as part of the Oerlikon Manmade Fibers network of production, sales and distribution and service organizations. At the R&D centers in Remscheid, Neumünster and Chemnitz, highly-qualified engineers and technicians develop innovative and technologically-leading products for tomorrow’s world.

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