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Remscheid, February 06, 2020 – extremely low weight, improved productivity and increased service life – these features will be making Oerlikon Barmag’s newly-developed GP451C paint metering pump stand out at this year’s PaintExpo, taking place in Karlsruhe (Hall 3, Stand 3235) between April 21 and 24. Developed especially for increasingly compact robot arms de-ployed in paint and lacquer systems, the pump enables efficient, high-precision paint application in automobile production, in the aerospace industry and in the manufacture of components for generating renewable energy, for instance.

Oerlikon Barmag at the PaintExpo 2020

Caption:  The new paint metering pump from Oerlikon Barmag can be easily adopted to the periphery of the production systems

Lightweight ensures precise paint application

Paint application is often one of the most challenging tasks in manufacturing processes. Growing requirements in terms of the durability of end products demand highly-efficient paint and lacquer systems that apply paints and lacquers perfectly with regards to both look and feel, ensuring they provide the toughest and most wear-resistant surfaces possible. Oerlikon Barmag has been producing gear metering pumps for metered surface coating and painting since 1985. The high-precision pumps allow the paint and lacquer system atomizers to carry out their task reliably.

Long service life combined with huge flexibility
In this product portfolio, the GP451C – coming in at less than 1,000 g – excels as a result of its particularly low weight. This considerably reduces the wear on the arms of the painting robots used. “The GP451C’s already low weight can be additionally reduced if produced by means of additive manufacturing”, explains Thorsten Wagener, the Sales Manager responsible for pumps. “The innovative technology permits total design freedom when adapting the pump to the production system’s periphery”, he continues.

The pump has a wide speed range (20 - 240 rpm), hence covering a large application area, which means that manufacturers do not have to deploy several pumps of varying sizes. At the same time, they save time and costs for product conversion, logistics and parts inventories.

The DLC wear-protection layer and the use of ball bearings considerably increase the pump’s service life. Furthermore, the pump is characterized by their flow-enhancing and dead spot-free construction, which dramatically shortens the required purging and product conversion times, hence helping to increase productivity.

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Corporate Communications Oerlikon Barmag
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