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Oerlikon Barmag at the PaintExpo 2018, the world’s leading trade fair for industrial painting technology

Remscheid, March 06 2018 – fast product conversion, smaller spare parts inventories, increased productivity and durability – these are the arguments with which the GP500 high-speed paint metering pump will be presenting itself at this year’s PaintExpo, taking place in Karlsruhe between April 17 and 20 (Hall 3, Stand 3235). Developed by Oerlikon Barmag specifically for poorly-lubricating and abrasive media, this Oerlikon Barmag quality product enables the economical, high-precision application or paints and lacquers in the automobile construction, aerospace and renewable energy sectors, among others.

Flexible, interchangeable pressure sensor blocks are available for the most diverse installation situations.

Precision high-speed paint and lacquer application

Applying paint and lacquer is frequently considered one of the most challenging tasks in manufacturing. Growing requirements in terms of the durability of end products demand highly-efficient paint and lacquer systems that apply paints and lacquers perfectly with regards to both look and feel, ensuring they provide the toughest and most wear-resistant surface possible.

Oerlikon Barmag has been producing gear metering pumps for metered surface coating and painting since 1985. More than 50,000 paint metering pumps are currently in use across the globe and are increasingly being deployed in surface technology application systems. As part of this product portfolio, the GP500 high-speed paint metering pump was designed for abrasive media in particular.

Broad speed range, large application area
The pump has a wide speed range (30 - 500 rpm), hence covering a large application area, which means that manufacturers do not have to deploy several pumps of varying sizes. At the same time, they save time and costs for product conversion and parts inventories. Furthermore, the compact pump (ø65mm) reduces the space required for the machine, while its low weight (1.4 kg) minimizes loads, which in turn has a positive impact on the machine’s construction. The ball bearings are externally mounted, hence helping to extend the life of the pump and purging is not required as they do not come into contact with the paint or lacquer used. The GP500 is clearance volume-free in design, which both considerably shortens the required purging times and speeds up product conversion, hence increasing productivity.

“Fundamentally, Oerlikon Barmag paint metering pumps can be universally deployed with solvent-based and water-based paints”, emphasizes Thorsten Wagener, the responsible Sales Manager for the Pumps division. It is not only the use of special rust- and acid-resistant steel that ensures extreme durability. Additionally applying a diamond-like carbon layer (DLC) considerably extends the service life of the pumps in the event of wear-intensive applications – as in the case of metallic paints, for instance. And optional ceramic components can optimize the service life in the case of highly-abrasive media.

Long-term competence for gear metering pumps
Oerlikon Barmag has been manufacturing precision gear metering pumps since the company was established back in 1922. The products enable the efficient application of paints and lacquers in various industrial sectors throughout the world – for instance, in the production of automobiles, in the aerospace industry and in the manufacture of components for generating renewable energy. The high-precision pumps allow the lacquering system atomizers to carry out their task reliably. To this end, the quality of the end product paint and lacquer application or coating is decisively determined by the feeding accuracy of the pump. The tightest tolerances and reproducible quality in the manufacture of the gears and the gear plate that surrounds them ensure adherence to these precision requirements.

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