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Remscheid, February 19, 2016 – the GP500 high-speed paint metering pump – developed espe-cially for poorly-lubricating and abrasive media – will be the focus of the Oerlikon Barmag stand at this year’s PaintExpo in Karlsruhe (Hall 1, Stand 1531).

Paint application as a demanding task

With its enlarged speed range (30 - 500 rpm), the GP500 covers a large application area for which several pumps of varying sizes were required to date. For the manufacturer, this means less work when switching production and smaller spare parts inventories. The compact construction (ø65 mm) reduces the space required in the machine and the low weight (1.4 kg) keeps the load as low as possible, which in turn has a positive impact on the machine’s construction. The external, ball-bearing support points ensure that the pump is not only very durable, they also do not need to be purged as they do not come into contact with the respective product. The GP500 is clearance volume-free in design, which both considerably shortens the required purging times and speeds up switching products, hence increasing productivity.

Fundamentally, Oerlikon Barmag paint metering pumps can be universally deployed with solvent-based paints and water-based paints. Special rust- and acid-resistant steel ensures the pump is extremely durable. Furthermore, the service life of the pumps in the event of wear-intensive applications – as in the case of metallic paints, for instance – can be substantially extended as a result of the DLC wear-protection layer. And the optional ceramic components – beneficial in the case of wear-intensive paints and dyes – help to optimize the service life of the pumps.

For superlative performance
For many decades now, Oerlikon Barmag gear metering pumps have been ensuring the efficient application of paints and dyes in various industrial sectors throughout the world – in the production of automobiles, in the aerospace industry and in the manufacture of components for generating renewable energy, for example. In many of these manufacturing processes, applying paint or dyes to the finished product is one of the most demanding tasks. The ever greater demands on the service life of the end product require highly-efficient paint systems that are capable of applying paints and dyes flawlessly in terms of their appearance and handle.

The Oerlikon Barmag high-precision pumps enable the paint system atomizer to carry out this task reliably. To this end, the quality of the coatings of the end product are decisively determined by the feeding accuracy of the pump. The tightest tolerances and reproducible quality in the manufacture of the gears and the gear plate that surrounds them ensure adherence to this accuracy. Furthermore, short purging times and the use of minimum amounts of cleaning agents ensures the responsible use of resources.

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