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Remscheid, December 12, 2012 – with its newly-developed GM Control system, Oerlikon Barmag’s portfolio now includes the company’s first-ever self-sufficient metering unit. With this development, the leading provider of gear pumps has now responded to demand from many users for an easy-to-operate plug-and-play version of the company’s proven series of GM metering pumps. The unit can be directly controlled, but can also be retrofitted to existing process control units.

Whether for casting PUR molded parts, laminating composite components, metering additives into a running extrusion process, applying cold adhesives or for flexible deployment in production systems with changing requirements – the compact, mobile GM Control unit can now support all these tasks with the accustomed metering accuracy even more simply than in the past.

The user-friendly touch screen-operated control unit permits the definition of metering volumes – even variably depending on the main production process. In addition to this, all other required parameters can be easily defined, while all important process data is clearly displayed on the touchscreen. Furthermore, pressure and tank fill level monitoring are possible. Communication with other metering or mixing systems is achieved using CAN bus interfaces or network (LAN) connections. Quick couplings at the inlets and outlets permit clean, leakage-free connections to the supply tanks and to the product lines. Smooth running rollers ensure the entire unit can be flexibly deployed in different places.

The core of the GM Control metering unit – the GM pump – is available for numerous different conveying capacities. For this reason, operators can now always choose the most suitable metering unit for the most diverse range of throughput volumes.

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