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Shaping the future – Oerlikon Barmag at the JEC 2014

Chemnitz, Remscheid, February 02, 2014 – different components for manufacturing compound materials will be the focus of the Oerlikon Barmag stand at this year’s JEC trade fair in Paris. Between March 11 and 13, the machine and systems builder will be informing visitors about new and proven products and services in pump construction and about winders for specialty yarns at the composites industry trade fair (stand number: P66 / Hall 7.2).

High-performance fibers require high-performance equipment

Oerlikon Barmag offers the solutions – for a large variety of mixing and metering tasks when processing plastics – which actually enable economical production. Manufacturers like to deploy the spinning pumps – renowned for their precision – for spinning the composite base materials polyacrylnitrile (PAN) and aramid. The majority of common high-performance carbon fibers are today manufactured from polyacrylnitrile. The most significant feature of these fibers is their high modulus with simultaneously very low weight. This modern material is meanwhile being deployed in many sectors of industry; for instance, in medical technology, in the aerospace industry, in the wind power industry and in the automobile industry, among others.

With the WinTrax, Oerlikon Barmag has developed a winder especially for manufacturing carbon fibers. The winder – which has been designed both for one- and two-cop systems – unites the economic production of carbon fibers of the very highest quality with a simultaneously perfect package build and identical running length. Both low and high package weights of up to 20 kilograms can be manufactured. The higher package weights shorten the tooling times and hence considerably reduce the time and costs for manufacturing compound materials. As a result of the identical running length of all packages, waste is virtually completely eliminated.

Specialty yarns made from aramids are characterized by their extremely high tenacity, high elongation at break, excellent vibration absorption and resistance to acids and bases. Furthermore, they are heat- and fire-resistant. The yarns are not only deployed for special applications, they must also be processed in a very special way. With the WinOro automatic precision winder, Oerlikon Barmag has the perfect winder for these high-performance fibers. Gentle yarn handling and perfect package build, energy efficiency and a high degree of cost effectiveness make it the perfect solution for demanding specialty yarns.

In turn, high-precision Oerlikon Barmag metering pumps are used for manufacturing the required composite matrix of compound materials (for example, resin + hardener). They excel not only in terms of precision metering, but also in terms of their durability and simple maintenance and operation.

Self-sufficient metering unit for flexible production
Furthermore, Oerlikon Barmag will be reporting on its self-sufficient GM Control metering unit. With this, the company has responded to the demand from many users for an easy-to-operate plug-and-play version of its proven series of GM metering pumps. The unit can be directly controlled, but can also be retrofitted to existing process control units.

Whether for casting PUR molded parts, laminating composite components, metering additives into a running extrusion process, applying cold adhesives or for flexible deployment in production systems with changing requirements – the compact, mobile GM Control unit can now support all these tasks with the accustomed metering accuracy even more simply than in the past. The user-friendly touch screen-operated control unit permits the definition of all required parameters.

The core of the GM Control metering unit – the GM pump – is available for numerous different conveying capacities. For this reason, operators can now always choose the most suitable metering unit for the most diverse range of throughput volumes.

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