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Innovation has a name - Oerlikon Oerlikon Textile at the ITMA 2011

Remscheid/Barcelona, Spain, May 27, 2011 – Oerlikon Textile's new corporate motto will be leaving its mark on the ITMA 2011 in Barcelona from the 22 to the 29 September 2011: „Innovation has a name - Oerlikon“. The Oerlikon section will be representing this claim atop 1,400 square meters at booth D 131 in hall 2 – with outstanding technological solutions under the umbrella of five brands. Some highlights: the new eAFK automatic texturing machine, the generation S+ unit for BCF carpet yarns, the Allma TC2 and Volkmann CT twisting machines, new staple fibre yarn spinning and winding solutions and new service offers.

With a new motto at the ITMA 2011: Oerlikon Textile, Market and Technology Leader in the World of Textile Machines and Equipment

"We want to prove our market and technology leadership again – featuring energy-efficient designs under our e-save quality label in particular, as well as with service innovations. And we respond to the ITMA slogan 'Master the art of innovation' with our new corporate motto "Innovation has a name - Oerlikon", Thomas Babacan outlined the trade fair presence. The Oerlikon Textile CEO, too, will have already been speaking in the run-up to the fair at the technical "World Textile Summit" on September 21st, 2011 in Barcelona, giving a speech on the subject of innovation.

Oerlikon Barmag: Non plus ultra in texturing and spinning
The market leader for filament machines and equipment with HQ at Remscheid is focusing on the ultimate in texturing, exhibiting the new eAFK automatic texturing machine. This highlight of the fair combines proven reliable features of the eFK, AFK and MPS series with the flexibility of a new modular machine structure. The automatic machine fulfils the higher standard quality requirements of the market: Manual contact with the packages can be ruled out entirely (no-touch principle). Packages with the same running length make for a considerably more economical further processing of the yarns, as well as for higher prices for the textured yarn. With automatic doffing, productivity and product yield increase; the reduced labour requirement cuts costs. Another thematic focus point is high-performance fibres for special applications. The new multithreaded automatic winding head for high-strength special yarns means considerably less energy consumption and space utilisation, as well as investment and maintenance costs.

Oerlikon Schlafhorst: On the pulse global trends in winding, ring and rotor spinning
The market and innovation leader in ring and rotor spinning, as well as winding, promises surprises and targets the themes dominating the market: raw materials, staff, energy and efficiency. With ring spinning on the Zinser, for example, the automatic doffing process makes handling simple; the manual effort and with it the labour requirement are reduced considerably. In addition, ImpactFX compact technology ensures raw materials efficiency and maximum process reliability. With rotor spinning Oerlikon Schlafhorst wants to shift the focus to raw materials and blends that were inconceivable yesterday – indeed, with technical solutions that overstep the previous bounds with respect to productivity and flexibility. Here, innovations are guaranteed. In winding, Autoconer provides various automated steps and machine types that can reduce the labour requirement further. Total concepts, single-motor drives for intelligent piecing cycles and sensor-monitored processes and control systems are writ large across every technology too.

Oerlikon Neumag: greater performance, capacity and customer benefit
The leading supplier of sophisticated BCF carpet yarns is exhibiting its technological capacity with its generation S+ unit. This BCF machine combines all the advantages of earlier technologies like Sytec One or S5 and also delivers significantly higher process velocity and a productive capacity of up to 99 percent. In the manufacture of synthetic staple fibres Oerlikon Neumag supplies the system with the largest capacity of a single line anywhere in the world: The system for manufacturing polyester staple fibres, having a capacity of 300 tons per day, substantially reduces operating and production costs per ton and is already positioned on the market. Other items on the trade fair programme include all the key processes in the manufacture of nonwovens: Here, the focus is on uses like filtration, geotextiles and other technical applications.

Oerlikon Saurer: perfection in embroidery and twisting
An ever wider variety of applications, top-quality yarns and production flexibility reign in the growing market for technical twisting. Oerlikon Saurer, the global market leader in embroidery and twisting, responds here with the new Allma TC2, a two-for-one twisting machine, featuring unparalleled flexibility and productivity. All materials in the titre spectrum from 235 to 60,000 dtex can be processed with production speeds of up to 450 m/min; the expanded numerical range opens up new markets for customers with creative products too. Another theme is the award-winning Allma CC4 cabling machine which, depending on the titre and spindle type, makes energy savings of up to 50 percent possible. Similar benchmarks in staple fibre twisting are being set by the new Volkmann CT which will also be exhibited: With the eco-drive concept and an eco-spindle, up to 40 percent in energy costs can be saved. The Epoca 6 pro stands for perfection in embroidery, as well as highest productivity, and actually demonstrates this in industrial applications – among others with an innovative drive system and a higher production speed by up to 30 percent.

Oerlikon Textile Components: all the premium components from a single supplier
The market leader in premium components for filament and staple fibre spinning is promising innovative solutions at its ITMA exhibition, featuring the highest precision and quality, as well as an optimal price-performance ratio: The consolidated Accotex and Texparts product lines provide high-tech components catering for all aspects of staple fibre spinning: textile bearings, cots and aprons, drafting systems, rings and ring travellers and spindles. The Daytex, Heberlein and Temco product lines cover air nozzles, suction, cutting and splicing units, bearings and rollers, friction units and discs, texturing cots/aprons and spindles for filament spinning. In addition, Oerlikon Textile Components is improving its service with an online monitoring solution for every textile filament process – and with the opening of a new store in Alexandria, Egypt, over the course of the ITMA.

All visitors to the Oerlikon Textile booth will also be able to familiarise themselves with a range of innovations in the Services division. This also includes the customer portal in particular and the one-of-a-kind SECOS e-commerce shop integrated here, unique in the textile machinery industry. Other ranges of service from Oerlikon Textile's "SUN - Service Unlimited" service programme will also be presented.

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