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From Melt to Yarn - Oerlikon Manmade Fibers at ITMA ASIA + CITME 2014

Remscheid/Shanghai, 24 June 2014 – From Melt to Yarn – this is the common theme for the products and presentation by Oerlikon Manmade Fibers at the world's leading textile machinery trade fair ITMA Asia + CITME 2014, which runs from 16 to 20 June in the Shanghai New International Expo Centre (SNIEC). The Oerlikon Barmag and Oerlikon Neumag brands, exhibiting on stand F01 in hall W3, once again present cutting-edge technology for the manufacture of manmade fibres as well as serving up other events.

A special anniversary awaits visitors to the fair: it is 50 years since the former companies Barmag and Neumag, now business units in the Oerlikon Manmade Fiber group segment, wrote the first chapter of their partnership with the Chinese textile industry. Since then an extraordinarily successful business relationship has developed, which made a substantial contribution to ensuring that each of the partners attained leading positions in the market (more details in a special press release).

At the same time, a closely interlinked network of plants and comprehensive services in and for the Asian market was created in stages. At the fair, Oerlikon Manmade Fibers presents its related service offer, which has now been expanded, under the title "Partnering for Performance" (more information in a separate press release).

The longstanding production partnership was the driver with regard to an increasingly important issue for China and the industry throughout Asia, which also colours the presentation at the fair: energy efficiency. Oerlikon Manmade Fibers introduced the e-save label ten years ago and has since been developing leading technological innovations under the four key headings of energy, economics, environment and ergonomics (more information on e-save in a further press release).

Leading solutions for the entire process chain: from polycondensation to texturing
The fair presentation focuses on top solutions for manmade fibre production along the entire process chain from the melt to the yarn. "I am convinced that with our extensive, indepth know-how, we can and intend to be the best possible technology partner for our customers in Asia today and tomorrow, from the raw material to the end product," is the assurance given by Stefan Kross, CEO of the Oerlikon Manmade Fibers segment.

This starts with continuous polycondensation plants (CP) from Oerlikon Barmag for fibregrade and bottlegrade molten polyester and polyester granulate. Installations and polymer transfer are designed for maximum flexibility for the production and processing of a wide range of polymers with the lowest possible IV degradation to meet individual market requirements. The performance of the tried and tested CP plants has proved outstanding with regard to efficiency and energy consumption and the plants comply with the most stringent environmental regulations. By integrating this upstream process stage, the yarn manufacturer gains full control over the entire yarn production process and accesses advantages such as being able to directly influence the quality of the raw material, optimal coordination of the individual production stages and plant components with one another and independence from the unpredictability of the granulate market, as well as additional net value creation and possibly increased profits.
For downstream processing of the polymers into high-grade textile yarn packages, Oerlikon Barmag presents the new winding machine WINGS POY 1800. The yarn winder increases productivity by a further 20 percent on the same production area compared with its predecessor, and can take up twelve packages instead of ten. To meet the special requirements of economical nylon HOY production, the new winding-on concept of WINGS PA HOY has also been developed, which offers all the advantages of the pioneering WINGS POY technology.

Twice the efficiency with fine titres: eFK with Double Pack
As a brand new DTY solution for the economical production of fine nylon or polyester yarns in the titre range from 10 to 50, Oerlikon Barmag is exhibiting an innovative feature for its manual texturing machine eFK: the Double Pack based on the eFK multispindle. Here two DTY packages per spindle double the productivity of the standard machine from 288 to 576 textured packages with the same process stability and yarn quality, but lower investment costs and reduced energy consumption. This technology also makes it possible for the first time to reliably mark defined identical package running lengths on a manual texturing machine, so as to be able to provide packages of the same running length for downstream processing. This promises major advantages in the downstream processing stages and considerable added value for the manufacturers. The known advantages and features of ATT traversing are fully retained. DTY packages can thus be produced with the optimum build and identical, adjustable density, matched to the respective requirements of downstream processing. The winding density can be optimised both for dye packages and for the maximum package weight.

The exhibition highlights also include the new, compact installation Staple FORCE S 1000 for the efficient, low-energy production of up to 15 tonnes of staple fibres per day and the economical WinTrax winder for high-performance yarns such as sensitive carbon fibres. Furthermore, the product portfolio on display covers the latest methods for environmentally friendly direct colour spinning using 3DD mixer technology as well as leading production solutions for nonwovens and BCF carpet yarns from Oerlikon Neumag. Visitors to the fair can embark on a 3D visual experience journey to the various technologies in the virtual showroom. "With offers such as these we wish to render the commitment that we make every day tangible: the commitment to creating innovative industrial solutions that always make the world of textiles a little better," says CEO Stefan Kross in summary.

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